Shutra Shahi Residents Request SMC to De-commercialize the Area

Shutra Shahi Residents Request SMC to De-commercialize the Area

Abrar Mattoo

The Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) is facing accusations of inaction from residents of Suthra Shahi in Karan Nagar for failing to ensure compliance with court directives and their own orders regarding the use of residential structures for commercial purposes.

They requested the officials of Srinagar Municipal corporation to adress their long pending demand and decomercialize their area.

According to the residents, the SMC had previously ordered the resealing of premises of two individuals who were using residential structures for commercial purposes in the area. Another individual, Umar Imtiyaz, had informed the SMC last June that he was in the process of shifting his commercial establishment.

Imtiyaz had given an undertaking to the SMC to relocate his commercial establishment or face resealing without further notice, and this undertaking was noted by the Corporation in an order issued at the time. However, residents claim that Imtiyaz continues to carry out commercial activities in the residential area, despite the undertaking he gave to the SMC. They have accused the SMC of failing to take the necessary action to enforce compliance.

The Joint Coordination Committee of residents has demanded an investigation by the ACB into the SMC’s handling of the situation and the lack of consequences for violators. They allege that the SMC has allowed violators to operate without any action being taken against them. The residents have repeatedly brought the violation to the attention of the concerned Enforcement Officer in the area but claim that no action has been taken.

While the matter is sub judice, the residents claim that the other two individuals who are operating in the area are also violating the orders. The SMC has directed them to ensure that heavy vehicles are not parked in the area and to ensure that the road is not blocked, given the residential nature of the area.

The situation in Suthra Shahi highlights the need for proper enforcement of court directives and municipal corporation orders regarding the use of residential structures for commercial purposes. The failure to take necessary action against violators undermines the rule of law and “causes inconvenience and disruption for residents in the affected areas.”

It is essential that the concerned authorities take appropriate steps to ensure compliance and take action against violators to prevent the misuse of residential structures for commercial purposes. The Joint Coordination Committee demanded that immediate action should be taken, and steps should be taken to address the concerns of the residents of Suthra Shahi in Karan Nagar.

While speaking with Kashmir Despatch, CEO Srinagar Municipal Corporation, Suhail Chintsaz said that all the “genuine and immediate demands of residents will be addressed on fast-track basis.”

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