Sindh river ‘changes’ Color


GANDERBAL, Mar 27: People of Kangan and adjusting area are in panic after Sindh river changed its color from blue to milk.

Sind river is vital water source for the residents of Kangan area in Ganderbal district. The changing of water color has caused alarm among the local population. Some residents suspect that the cause of the color change may be chemicals released from tunnel work.

According to  a local news agency CNS, a local resident of Kangan Ab Hameed said and expressed deep concern about the presence of chemicals in the river.”This water is vital to our community, and we rely on it for so many things. This river sind has rich source of aquatic animals but due to this chemical all aquatic can get damaged”, he said.

Another local of Kangan said, “when today I saw the water of river sind i saw milk like substance was running on the upper layer of water but The strange smell and color of the water are clear signs that something is wrong, and we need action to be taken before it’s too late”.

Locals of Kangan said that  the Sindh river has always been a source of life for them, and they have always trusted its water to be safe and clean, But now, with the presence of chemicals in the water, they are worried about our health.

Meanwhile, General public has urged district Administration to look into this matter at an earliest. (CNS)

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