SKIMS blacklists company for 5 yrs for non-payment of rentals

SKIMS blacklists company for 5 yrs for non-payment of rentals

Srinagar January 23 : SKIMS, Soura, has taken stringent action against a company for alleged violations related to non-payment of rentals. The company, tasked with managing public car parking slots, faced debarment and, subsequently, a 5-year blacklist following a series of disputes.

Initially, the company sought compensation for tasks beyond the contract, such as macadamization, surface drainage development, and the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. While 21 days of compensation were granted for the first two, the pandemic period wasn’t fully considered.

Despite the company’s acceptance of compensation for macadamization, it insisted on reviewing the compensation period for drainage development and the COVID-19 period. The committee, including company representatives, recommended 44 days of compensation, which the company accepted in principle. However, the outstanding rentals were not deposited promptly.

The notice issued to the company highlighted its failure to meet payment obligations and conveyed the decision of immediate blacklisting for five years. The company, initially the highest bidder with a contract valid from October 5, 2021, to October 4, 2022, faced consequences for its reluctance to settle financial matters, leading to a significant impact on its future engagements with SKIMS. The incident serves as a cautionary tale within the contractual landscape, emphasizing the importance of adherence to terms and prompt financial commitments.

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