SMC acting Mayor locks Joint Commissioner Planning’s office

SMC acting Mayor locks Joint Commissioner Planning’s office

Haroon Nabi

Srinagar, Nov 04, : Srinagar Municipal Corporation Deputy Mayor, who is also the acting Mayor, on Wednesday, sealed the office of Joint Commissioner Planning and his section.

Deputy Mayor Parvaiz Qadri said, that the JCP is not working properly due to which people of the city are suffering.

“JCP is unnecessarily harassing people of the city. He is not granting building permissions due to which they are indulging in illegal constructions in the city,” Qadri alleged.

He said that he was compelled to take the action after complaints by the people against the JCP.

“I have locked the entire section of the Planning and Joint Commissioner Planning office because they are not doing any work there,” he said.

I have already communicated to the government about the incompetence of the JCP and have asked for a suitable replacement.

Justifying the locking down JCP’s office Qadri told news agency KDC that there were complaints that the JCP was asking building permission seekers several unnecessary NOC”s which would delay the process of issuance of permission

Worthwhile to mention is that the JCP in question was working in Srinagar Development Authority (SDA) before being deputed to the Srinagar Municipal corporation (SMC) as its Joint Commissioner Planning . (KDC)

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