Sopore Police’s Volleyball Tournament Sets the Stage for Unity, Talent, and a Bright Future

Sopore Police’s Volleyball Tournament Sets the Stage for Unity, Talent, and a Bright Future

Shiekh Tariq

The Volleyball Tournament organized by Sopore Police under the Civic Action Program has been a resounding success, spreading joy and positivity throughout the district.

The tournament as per Kashmir Despatch Correspondent held at DPL Sopore, has attracted eight Volleyball teams from different areas, reflecting the enthusiasm and passion for the sport among the local players.

The overwhelming response from district players showcases the deep-rooted love for Volleyball and the eagerness to participate in such events. Although many teams expressed their desire to be a part of the tournament, only eight were chosen to compete, ensuring a fair and competitive environment.

The selected teams expressed their gratitude to Sopore Police for organizing the event, recognizing their efforts in promoting sportsmanship and engagement among the youth.

During the inaugural address, DySp DAR Sopore, Dr. Hilal Ahmad Hilal-JKPS, commended the teams and extended his best wishes for the opening match.

He emphasized the importance of sports in nurturing young talents and encouraged the players to explore their potential through the medium of sports.

The tournament commenced with an electrifying match between Sangrama Volleyball Club and DPL Sopore, with Sangrama Volleyball Club emerging victorious.

Kamran Ahmad of Sangrama Volleyball Club was awarded the title of Man of the Match for his exceptional performance.

The second match between Game Challengers Seelo and Spiker Punch Seer witnessed an intense competition, ultimately won by Spiker Punch Seer. Yawar Mir from Spiker Punch Seer was recognized as the Man of the Match for his outstanding skills.

The primary objective behind organizing such events is to foster brotherhood, love, and peace among the players and spectators. By engaging the youth in healthy activities like sports, the Sopore Police aims to divert their attention away from the perils of drug addiction.

The Volleyball Tournament organized under the Civic Action Program has not only brought the community together but has also provided a platform for talented players to showcase their skills. It is a testament to the commitment of Sopore Police in creating a safe and harmonious environment for the youth.

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