Srinagar Airport introduces ‘drop and go’ service to avoid delays at entry gate


KD News Service

Srinagar, June 9 : Airport Authority of India has introduced a “drop and go” facility at the entry to the Srinagar international airport to address “long standing” grievances from passengers about delays and hassles at the Airport.

According to the Airport Director, the facility, a complimentary one, would allow a passenger to leave their vehicles at the drop gate, then directly put their baggage on x-ray and after screening, they can board e-carts stationed at Drop Gate.

“There is a long-standing grievance from our passengers about delays and hassles for entry to the Airport at Drop Gate,” the Director said in a statement to Kashmir Despatch.

The vehicle checking, baggage checking and personal frisking is a time consuming process and this results in delays to the passengers seeking entry to the airport, he noted. “Hassles are increasing to such an extent that we have to often advise the passengers to come to the airport for four hours in advance so that they do not miss their flights,” he said, adding, “Despite such precautions there are frequent complaints that passengers are still missing their flights.”

However, he said there would be no such delays and hassles with the introduction of the facility.

“We have introduced a Drop and Go facility at the entry to the airport. Our esteemed passengers can leave their vehicles at the drop gate, and the vehicles can go back to the city,” he said, adding, “The passengers will then directly put their baggage on x-ray and after screening can board our e-carts stationed at Drop Gate.”

Passengers, he said, can also avail paid porter service if they wish so. “These comfortable, eco-friendly, battery operated e- carts will take the passengers to the terminal building with their baggage,” he said, adding, “This facility is complementary and we are not charging our esteemed passengers any fees for using this service.”

At the terminal building, he said, the passengers may proceed to the check-in counters for check-in process.

“With the introduction of this facility 40% to 50% of passengers will use this service and delays at the Drop Gate will reduce to that extent.”

This facility can also be used by arriving passengers, he said. “The passengers coming to Srinagar can board these e-carts from the arrival exit and ride till the Drop Gate. At Drop Gate they can board their vehicles and go home.”

The facility, he said, is being introduced on experimental basis with four number “state of art”
and environment friendly e-carts. “If we will receive good response, then we will further increase the number of carts,” he said, adding, “We invite our passengers to use this facility to maximum extent and make it a grand success.”


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