Stray Dog Attacks Plague Kashmir University’s Girl Hostels: Students Demand Action


Srinagar, April 30 : Two students have been bitten by dogs in the Girls’ Hostels compound of Kashmir University, making students fearful to go outside onto the hostel lawn.

Reports reaching news agency Kashmir Scroll, many female residents had previously experienced dog attacks.

Despite the fenced boundaries of the hostel, the presence of stray dogs has raised questions about the effectiveness of security measures. The inaction of hostel authorities only exacerbates the sense of insecurity among residents, who feel abandoned and unprotected in the face of this ongoing threat said a female student while talking to News Agency Kashmir Scroll over the phone.

“The hostel premises are fenced in every direction, so it is presumed to be safe for female students. But I don’t understand how these dogs get in, and even after that, why don’t the hostel authorities do something about this menace?” Saiqa Jan, a Master’s student residing in Quratul Ain Hostel, said.

Students have alleged negligence on the part of hostel authorities who have failed to solve the dog menace in the hostel compounds, which has been prevalent for months now. Efforts to address the issue through communication with caretakers have yielded little result, with students being redirected to submit formal applications instead of receiving immediate assistance. This bureaucratic approach further frustrates those affected, as they witness a lack of urgency in resolving the pressing safety concerns.

“We have raised this issue with the hostel caretakers, but she directed us to write an application. She is in the same hostel, and it is evident that the dogs are there and are a threat. The authorities just turn a blind eye to the students and don’t care about the safety of the hostelers,” a student residing in the hostel said, wishing anonymity.

The situation has left many students feeling trapped within the confines of the hostel, reluctant to venture out even for basic tasks. The fear instilled by these dog attacks has greatly impacted the daily lives of those residing within the hostel premises.

“Students go outside to dry their clothes, and the caretaker of our hostel, upon hearing about the biting incident, said, ‘Why do girls have to go outside of their hostel buildings in the compound? Why is the compound fenced and walled if it can’t guarantee the safety of girl students?'” the student added.

Meanwhile, the students urged the university authority to look into the matter so that they can breathe a sigh of relief. (KS)


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