Taking Article 370 to Supreme Court was NC, PDP’s well planned conspiracy to lose it forever: Altaf Bukhari



SRINAGAR, Apr 27: Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari has said that the case pertaining to abrogation of Article 370 was taken to the country’s supreme court under a well planned conspiracy by NC and the PDP and that the dismissal of the case served as a severe blow to Jammu and Kashmir’s special status.

Addressing a rally in Srinagar, Bukhari said that  in 2019, abrogating Article 370 was BJP’s agenda. However, his party was concerned about the land and jobs of Jammu and Kashmir and that was the reason that they went to Delhi and ensured that Jammu and Kashmir’s interests were protected.  “They (NC and PDP) deliberately took the case to the Supreme Court under a well planned conspiracy and lost our claim. they are responsible for it. Political issues are not resolved in courts, they are resolved politically,” Bukhari said.

He added that Union Home Minister Amit Shah unmasked NC and other parties by claiming that unknown gunmen were  from NC, PDP and Congress and these parties were staging fake encounters.  “I promise that if we form the government, we will unmask the unknown gunmen. This will provide solace to  our dear ones who have been victims of this ruthless violence,” Bukhari said.

Another senior leader of Apni Party, Ghulam Hassan Mir said that NC MPs should have resigned the moment special status was removed in parliament on August 5, 2019. ” NC back in 2019 sought votes during parliamentary polls for the safeguard of Article 370. They won  all three seats. Why couldn’t NC save it then.  NC MPs should have resigned there and then but they  didn’t want to lose their salaries. Dr Farooq Abdullah is deceiving people in the name of Islam now.  He went to Umrah to showcase his religion and brand himself as a  Muslim.  I challenge Farooq Abdullah to ridicule Congress that played a vital role at the onset to erode Article 370. We had our own Prime Minister and Sadr Riyasat.  The National parties who were against the Article 370 in 2019 are now aligning with NC at the national level including Aam Aadmi Party. What is Farooq Abdullah doing with them,” Mir asked—(KNO)


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