Tangmerg roads still draped with snow; authorities in deep slumber

Tangmerg roads still draped with snow; authorities in deep slumber

Sajad Hameed 

TANGMARAG, Feb 9: Authorities have miserably failed in clearing snow bound arterial roads connecting various villages of Sub Division Tangmarg with the main town thus causing huge inconvenience to the general public particularly the patients.

Reports reaching to this newspaper said that various villages of Tangmarg sub division are complete cut off from main town with administration seems to be least concerned about the snow clearance operation.

Reports said that, roads from Tangmarag leading to Chontipathr, Kalantra, Nagbal, Not, Kakowthal, Kalntra and Nambalnar are still closed down the local adminstration being aware about the same.

The residents of Kalantra alleged that the authorities haven’t cleared their roads neither men nor machinery was pressed into the service in their area for road clearance in last three days. The elderly persons including women and the children are the worst sufferers of this lackadaisical approach of the authorities as there is no transport service available on these cut off roads.

They said: “Our area is not more than 13 kilometres away from main town Tangmarg despite that, the sub Distirct Adminstration has failed to clear the snow from our road.”

While from Klantra Tangmarg side the, locals residents from chontipathri claimed that, “tall claims of adminstration seem to have been burried under the snow as they have failed to clear the snow from their area.”

The residents said that, “we don’t even have a clear footpath available in our area. The adminstration seems to have forgotten us amid inclement weather condition, since when there is improvement in weather the authorities are in deep slumber leaving all of us residing here to God’s Mercy.”

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