Tanushree Dutta claims she is being harassed by ‘Bollywood mafia, old political circuit’

Tanushree Dutta claims she is being harassed by ‘Bollywood mafia, old political circuit’

Mumbai, Jul 20 (PTI) Actor Tanushree Dutta has alleged she is being targeted and harassed by “Bollywood mafia and the old political circuit of Maharashtra” for taking a stand against injustice.

In 2018, Dutta triggered India’s #MeToo Movement by reviving a decade-old case of alleged harassment against actor Nana Patekar.

“The Bollywood Mafia, the old political circuit of Maharashtra (which still has influence here) and nefarious anti – national criminal elements together usually operate like this to trouble people (sic),” the former Miss India wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday.

From her films being sabotaged to attempts on her life, the 38-year-old alleged she was being targeted in a systematic manner.

“The #metoo culprits & the NGO who I exposed” were responsible for her troubles, she said, without taking any names.

“I’m very sure the #metoo culprits & the NGO who I exposed are behind all this because why else would I be targeted & harassed like this??

“Shame on you all…. It’s severe mental, physical & psychological harassment. What kind of place is this where young boys and girls can just be harassed and killed for standing against injustice? (sic)” she added.

Known for films such as “Aashiq Banaya Aapne” and “Chocolate”, Dutta said those who were trying to pull her down won’t succeed.

“I’m not going to commit suicide for sure yeh kaan kholkar sun lo sab log!! Nor am I leaving & going anywhere. I’m here to stay & resurrect my public career to greater heights than ever before!”

The actor also said people would now try to “dismiss” her claims but she has been posting updates about her life for a long time.

Dutta said she would now focus on her well-being, new business and work opportunities.

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