Everyone’s morning starts with a Kashmiri NUN CHAI and same mine too. One day when I woke up early in the morning, I started doing exercise in my home yard and early in the morning it feels good to listen the charming sounds of birds. Promptly a bird ( pigeon) came ,collided with an electric wire and fell down. 

I moved quickly and i did my best to survive the life of that particular bird. But Alas!He lost the battle. This episode obstacled my mind with several question. What is life? Was the first question which came in my mind.

Everyone’s life starts when we born. It is a limited period and a cherishing gift from nature. It is believed by all that it is one time asset.

This limited period from the day when we born and upto the day when we die is so called as life. This period is full of up’s and down’s. It is same as a book in which some pages are easy , some are tough, some are boring and some are understanding.

Life is same as line which is made up of collection of incidents. Every morning when we wake up, our mind remains always embedded with uncountable good and bad thoughts and after getting up we all have two options left.

Either to get up early and chase those thoughts or to sleep for the rest of your life. We are the Artichitect of our lives and it is upto us how to provide shape to it.

Tomorrow we have no right to blame anyone or to blame any circumstances. In life we met large number of people among which some gives us lessons and some gives blessings.

Life is a one time gift and if we do it right once becomes enough. Life may not be the party we hoped for but where we are we should dance. We need to remain optimistic throughout our life.

We all has become so eager towards our goals and in this we has forgotten to taste the positive vibes of life. It is mandatory nowadays to chase our goals but in this we should not forget to enjoy life. In life circumstances are common to all but blaming circumstances is not an option but a selection.

In life try what so ever you want and don’t bother about the things what you had lost. Just keep your eyes on what is coming. This is life you can’t blame it, here all are going to taste different challenges. Life is same as jungle and you are Tiger in it.

You have only two option left either to hunt or to be hunted. Don’t bother about the failures. Don’t waste your life in thinking about past . Failures doesn’t come to destroy you but to make you. Don’t lead circumstances to win the battle, be a  postive warrior in your life.

What matters in life is acceptance ratio of how you accept a failure. If you considers failure as a stepping stone it will lift you up. Be always patient in this impatient universe. Everything in your life comes to teach you something, so be a learner.

Never give up on your dreams and don’t make anyone’s opinion as your destiny. In life if you want to be winner you need to set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your soul. You need to find causes and forgot excuses. Enjoy each second of your life. We all are more conservative towards tomorrow and has forgtton to taste the beauty of today.

Trust me when we come to know the beauty of today, Time is going to stop. We all are saying that time is moving at an alarming rate. But in general it is not time which is moving so fast .it is us who are thinking ahead of time.

We all had joined the race of tomorrow. We had made our mindsets ahead of time because of which we has lost the actual meaning of life. We always wish for bigger things by neglecting smaller things. We always try to find happiness in bigger things by neglecting smaller things. Don’t die before your death.

Make your today as your best day and embrace each and every moment of life. Live your today as your best day and embrace each and every moment of your your today with great zeal, zest, hope, passion, desire etc. Be always thankful to what you have. Be thankful to Almighty for each and every minute because nobody is well versed with the definition of tomorrow.

Our society has become too weired Nowadays. We think too much about what people will say but unfortunate we listen ourselves too little.

Be always loyal to yourself  and to your parents, care them as you are caring your own is full of Imperfections then why we are running after being perfect.

People has become thankless because the breath which we are taking right now is a blessing, embrace it. We all had forgotten that the life which we are living right now someone else is wishing for the same. 

At last live your life, embrace each and every moment, celebrate it and make your world beautiful and make this planet a beautiful place to live. 

Author : Ulfat Shafi from Hajan Sonawari is Pursuing PG in the Department of Geography at University of Kashmir.

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