The Exodus of Non-Local Labourers

The Exodus of Non-Local Labourers

The recent spate of killings of non-local labourers across Kashmir has created a tense atmosphere of insecurity and uncertainty for the non-local labourers who had been working in the valley for decades.

From past few weeks, five non-local vendors and labourers have been killed in cold blood at various places in the valley. This gruesome trend became more vicious after an another spate of killings of the minority community members by unidentified gunmen.

Earlier, these target killings used to remain confined to politicians and their political workers. The motive behind these killing was purely based on their political affiliations to the mainstream parties.

However, things appear to have changed now. The new soft targets are the non-local labourers who live in huge numbers in all the corners of Kashmir valley. May it be masons, painters, barbers or even street food vendors, non-locals have become a part of the Kashmiri socio-economic fabric.

But the primary onus of nabbing these perpetrators lies on the authorities in-charge who should also devise effective strategies to avoid such attacks in the impending future. It is only then that distressed non-local labourers can regain the lost sense of security. If such measure are not taken on priority, the mere verbal assurances will yield no material results.

Besides, at this critical time juncture our politicians and social activist must come on front to unconditionally condemn these uwarrented and heart rending attacks on such an adroit and innocent section which has always helped Kashmir valley to be a better place to live.

The contributions made by these hardworking labourers to Kashmir valley is immense and exceptional marvellous. It is due to their blood and sweat that the infrastructural progression has grown exponentially in Kashmir.

Though common people have always admired and maintained a humanistic relations with them without resorting to any discrimination or bigotry, but the fringe elements seem to desire to forge a different non-tolerant narrative.

Still there is growing silent aversion among the people towards these inhumane attacks, as every single common man now yearns for peace while wishing to earn a dignified livelihood for his family. There is no place for bloodshed in the valley now.

Regretably, these recent killing sprees are aimed to crush this dream and design a chaotic environment, so that mayhem rules and peace once again remains a distant dream for a normal Kashmiri.

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