The filthy Practice!

The filthy Practice!

By Suhail Khan

Of late Kashmir has witnessed a new trend on social media for uncalled criticism, roasting and cyberbullying. People involved in such things post these comments may be on a lighter note to let people enjoy but for others, the ‘victims’ involved, it can be mean and hurtful.

One such story is of Fayaz Ahmad from a far flung area of north Kashmir’s Rafiabad area who has been declared mentally challenged by his family. Not only common people here in Kashmir but reasonable, well educated people including journalists are making fun of him. Often called as Fayaz Scorpio for his desire to have a Scorpio vehicle, he is the talk of town for his social media videos.

People enjoy watching his videos, journalists earn few followers and likes by posting, sharing his videos on social media but has anyone ever given it a thought what his family must be facing- nothing but embarrassment!

Such things are never normal but it hurts the sentiments of people involved in this, it hurts their feelings, they are being victimised and often become a victim of depression.

We all are responsible and answerable for our actions. Let’s use our social media platforms, our space and time for things that can help this society come out of depression but not at the cost of bullying, roasting or calling their names.


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