‘UN Presence Indicates World Wants India To Host Events In Kashmir’: LG Sinha Slams Pak Comments

‘UN Presence Indicates World Wants India To Host Events In Kashmir’: LG Sinha Slams Pak Comments


SRINAGAR, May 23: Discarding Pakistan’s statement on hosting the G20 event in Jammu and Kashmir, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha extended his deepest gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for granting the historic opportunity to host the G20 meeting in the region. Sinha lauded PM Modi’s decision, emphasizing the significance it holds for Jammu and Kashmir.

“G20 presidency is a matter of pride for us. The presence of UN representatives here indicates that the world wants India to host such event,” Manoj Sinha, Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, said to a question posed by a foreign journalist on Pakistan saying India “abusing” G20 presidency with Kashmir meet.

In his statement, LG highlighted the commitment of Jammu and Kashmir to promoting sustainable tourism. He further noted that the ongoing working group meeting currently taking place in the region boasts the highest attendance to date. A total of 59 delegates from 27 countries are actively participating in the working group meeting.

“Our aim has been to elevate tourism in Jammu and Kashmir while ensuring the preservation of our environment,” Lieutenant Governor Sinha stated. He emphasized the substantial contribution of the tourism industry, which currently accounts for 7% of the region’s GDP.

Confident in the progress being made, Sinha expressed his unwavering belief that under the guidance of Prime Minister Modi, Jammu and Kashmir is moving toward a future marked by peace and prosperity. He cited the strengthening of grassroots democracy and the establishment of a three-tier governance system as evidence of positive development within the region.

Highlighting the vibrant media landscape in Jammu and Kashmir, Lieutenant Governor revealed that over 400 newspapers are published in the region, contributing to a dynamic and independent media presence.

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