Work on all-weather net facility halted in JSB

<strong>Work on all-weather net facility halted in JSB</strong>

Cricketers aghast, appeal DC Bla to intervene

Saqib Bashir

BARAMULLA, Mar 03: Jehlum Stadium Baramulla is one of the best grounds of Kashmir Valley due to its infrastructure, lush green outfield and turf wicket for cricketers of the District.

Every year tournaments like Varmul Cup are organized in this stadium. The stadium came into limelight when an all-weather net facility was announced by the administration.

The ground is looked after by the Baramulla Cricket Forum under the supervision of General Secretary Zubair Ahmad Dar.

Now the work of the construction of this all-weather net facility building has stopped suddenly which has created a sense of anxiety and disappointment among the aspiring cricketers of the district who were eagerly waiting for this mega project to get completed.

The introduction of all-weather netting facility was first of its kind in the valley and this move was introduced for the betterment of cricket in Baramulla District as professional players are unable to continue their practice especially in the harsh winters when the valley receives heavy rain and snowfall for almost three months which halts the training camps and practice sessions of cricketers in the valley. The administration had already provided funds of almost 1 crore to the R&B department of the District.

“When this move was announced last year, we felt very happy. We usually don’t see such things in our valley due to which our cricketers suffer to get trained professionally especially in the winter session,” Zubair Ahmad Dar, General Secretary of BCF told Kashmir Despatch.  

He added that this would have meant that, the players wouldn’t have been forced to go outside to continue their trainings.

“We don’t have proper facilities in Kashmir and that is why we don’t see players from valley making it big on bigger platforms like IPL. This move would have definitely helped our cricketers to make themselves ready for bigger stages,” added Dar.

The construction of this structure is almost 70% completed and it was expected that this structure would have been completed before June 2023.

“We don’t understand why R&B department has stopped the work here when funds are not any problem? We approached the department many a times but they are still not clear on this issue. We once again request the authorities to restart the work on this structure as this is a dream project of every individual of our District,” Dar added further.

Baramulla Cricket Forum has also approached Deputy Commissioner of Baramulla, Dr. Syed Sehrish Asgar in this matter and according to the forum it is expected that the work on this project will restart very soon.

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