Young Authors at SRM Welkin School Sopore Ignite Passion for Reading and Writing on World Book Day


Umar Dar

On World Book Day, the SRM Welkin Higher Secondary School in Sopore showcased the incredible literary talent of their students, proving that the love for reading is alive and well among the young generation. The event brought together young authors who captivated the audience with their imaginative and thought-provoking works.

Aqsa Wani and Peer Madeha, both grade 6 students, showcased their remarkable storytelling skills. Aqsa presented her gripping tale “A Call That Ruined My Life,” while Peer Madeha took the audience on an adventure with “The Famous Explorer.” These young minds demonstrated a depth of creativity and storytelling ability that left the audience in awe.

The event also highlighted the poetry of Daneen Sherjeel Khan, the charming short story by Aiza, and the nostalgic reflection on childhood by Hazika Nisar. Each contribution represented a unique voice and perspective, showing the versatility and talent of the students at SRM Welkin School.

Director of Student Affairs, Ms. Sadaf Anayat, shared that this event not only showcased their literary prowess but also reflected the school’s commitment to nurturing young talent in various genres of writing. The dedication and creativity of the students were praised by both teachers and their peers, inspiring others to explore their own literary passions.

The Chairman of SRM Welkin, Haji Anayatullah Hajni, also took the opportunity to acknowledge and honor the budding authors, recognizing their talent and encouraging them to continue pursuing their love for writing. This support from the school and its leaders strengthens the students’ enthusiasm and dedication to their craft.

The event concluded with a lasting impression on the attendees, reminding everyone of the power of words to inspire, provoke thought, and ignite the imagination. It served as a testament to the importance of fostering a culture of reading and writing among students, providing them with a platform to express themselves and reach new heights in their literary endeavors.

Overall, the World Book Day celebration at SRM Welkin School Sopore was a resounding success, showcasing the remarkable talent of the students and instilling a renewed passion for reading and writing.


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