Youngest Entrepreneur opens Men’s Wear In Baramulla

Youngest Entrepreneur opens Men’s Wear In Baramulla

Suhail Khan 

Baramulla : “I want to inspire youngsters who are sitting idle, doing nothing and waiting for a government job. Sky’s the limit, if you want to excel in any field,” said Zakir Mehraj, the proud owner of Trending outfitz. 

Trending Outfitz- a men’s wear and footwear shop was inaugurated Thursday at Municipal complex Jehlum Market, Baramulla 193101 l by Municipal Committee Baramulla President Touseef Raina.

At a young age Zakir Mehraj came up with such an initiative not only to help his family but with a message for the youngsters who are involved in wrong practice especially in drugs that they should come forward to set up their own business units.

Zakir believes that a meagre amount earned through a proper and rightful way is better than lakhs earned by wrongful process. 

He advised the youth to come forward and start from zero and live a free life.

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