Zaffer Mir chairs workers meeting at Pahroo-Chadoora

Zaffer Mir chairs workers meeting at Pahroo-Chadoora

“Listens to their grievances; locals suffer due to negligence of erstwhile NC-PDP Govts.”

Srinagar, Dec 3: Political activist Zaffer Mir (Lasjan) on Saturday chaired a political worker’s meeting at Pahroo-Chadoora which was attended by scores of workers and local populace who apprised him about a plethora of issues faced by them.

In a statement issued to the media, Zaffer Mir said the level of negligence adopted by the previous governments from 1996-2014 has plunged this area into literal dark ages as the locals are yearning for the essential infrastructural development.

“The political monopoly that has been played over the installation of electrical transformers in this area is extremely appalling and below integrity. The vicinities having allegiance with certain political party were given preference over the areas that had supported some other politician and thus were made to suffer & lurk in dark. This absurd political vendetta has impeded the requisite growth.” he said.

Mir asserted that political bias and grudge among the politicians has given rise to such a situation where people of Pahroo village have been rendered helpless in order to come out of this mediocrity and backwardness.

“The people thereafter facing huge inconvenience due to this political bickering had bought transformers with their own money. But tragically now the Panchayat heads are issuing orders to seize these electrical transformers which isn’t the property of PDD but it belongs to the locals of this village,” he said.

Taking a dig on PDP’s claim for making Pahroo a model village, Zaffer said mere lip service cannot be taken into account for tangible work done on ground zero.

“People of this village feel betrayed as the promises made with them were never intended to keep by the then government. It must be understood the locals of this area mainly depend on agriculture but they have never been given a chance to get benefits under the ambit of numerous government sponsored schemes,” he added.

Zaffer Mir also critiqued the former MLA’s of this constituency who employed the locals of this area under Hospital Development Fund without informing them that said jobs were only need based.

“These adroit sections were outrightly mislead. However, the present government must take apposite steps for their welfare & release of salaries especially keeping their unrelenting services into consideration during the pandemic. Pertinently, these need based workers are still giving their dedicated services and even doing biometric attendance,” he said.

Urging the workers to put their unswerving efforts for the public welfare and apprising them about their political agenda, Mir said we must be ready for any political challenge.

“Whether there are ULB/Panchayat or Assembly elections, our cadres must remain at vigil and the ground level interactions with the respected citizens should be further strengthened in order to make Chadoora constituency fertile for progress and prosperity,” he concluded.

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