__________ Fly High __________

__________ Fly High __________

A poem by Aayat Mukhtar

In this world some people will try to cut your wings

But you have to be focused and ready to be the future kings

Your goal of life is not a joke

Blow others negative thoughts like a smoke

And important thing in your life is prayer

It’s Allah who will listen to everyone’s declare

I know you feel nobody is aware of you worth

Once you prove yourself everyone will be proud henceforth

There are many people for you to guide

But at the end you are the one to decide

You have to think of everything and ask why?

Obviously, it’s your goal to fly high

No one knows the struggle that is untold

But remember that struggle will make you like gold

Then no doubt that you will go very high

Beyond thousands of birds you will fly

(The writer of this poem is an 8th standard student at a private school in Tral)

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