An Unconditional Meet in Delhi

An Unconditional Meet in Delhi

Just a week before, the hot talk of a surprising unlooked-for meeting flashed everywhere across different media sources. However, the onus of specifying an agenda of the meeting has not been formally ascertained yet by the Government of India.

The much-anticipated meeting that is scheduled for 24th of June has now received a shy nod from even the far-right political dissenter who once said that without restoration of Article 370 there exists no ground for any result-oriented talks.

But from the past three days the political dynamics has geared up its pace with core party meets happening everywhere in Jammu and Kashmir. From an earlier non-conformist stand to an enthusiastic volunteering one, it’s the non-binding and unconditional nature of this meeting that has attracted an aura of J&K political parties to fly to Delhi.

The nature of this meet is appetizing for every political party as they can demand, comment and debate whatever they deem fit for the moment. Even New Delhi has shown a complacent and non-rigid attitude this time which indicates a new beginning of normalising ties between the all-powerful Centre and quite versatile regional parties.

It’s not the outcome of this summit about which the people are enthralled but rather it is the very essence of this meeting about which something mystifying has captivated the minds. Some sources suggest that it is only going to be holding a discussion for delimitation but still others have intimated for a Statehood plus thing to be conferred in the impending future. It’s just a matter of two days when the whole mystery will be unravelled.

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