Apni Party organizes convention in Shopian

Apni Party organizes convention in Shopian

SRINAGAR, February 27: Apni Party on Saturday organized a one-day convention in Shopian which was attended by political activists and local participants from Wachi and Shopian constituencies.

The convention was organized by advocate Gowhar Hussain Wani in which Apni Party Vice President Zaffar Iqbal Manhas was invited as the Chief Guest.

The convention was also attended by DDC Chairperson Shopian Bilqees, DDC Deputy Chairperson Irfan Manhas, Athar Reshi, Advocate Tanveer and Youth Leader Umer.

Addressing the public at Shopian, Zaffar Iqbal Manhas said that Wachi lacks deserving development and progress as it has witnessed a long era of unrest devoid of peace.

“Peace is a prerequisite for the development and prosperity of any area. I believe Wachi has seen much unrest and to some extent even the local administration has remained impervious to the deplorable conditions here. However, without making any pseudo claims, I assure you that Apni Party will work to take out Wachi from this dismal abyss so that the locals from this area witness an equitable development at par with other parts of J&K,’’ Zaffar Iqbal Manhas said.

He said that previously many local political parties have made tall claims and promises to the people which regretfully never materialized on ground.  

“It is my humble request to the previous ruling parties who callously are still trying to hoodwink the people of J&K, please show us any political package that has materialized during your 77 years of rule. If they provide proof for it, then those who differ with them will be silenced and if they fail to do so they should give their false agendas and shun their hunger games for power.’’.

He also said that it would be of much interest for the people of J&K that when the recent visit of the European delegates was in Kashmir what message was conveyed by PAGD DDC chairpersons and councilors regarding abrogation of Article 370.

“Did they show their resentment about the abrogation of Article 370 by the European delegates or did they play their old policy of two-hoots? I guess it was the later and if not show us the proof,” Manhas jibed.

He also said that the Central government should exhibit similar magnanimity in regards with the restoration of statehood so that real democratic representation of the people comes into force. He further urged the district administration to clear all the pending bills of the contractors who have worked under NREGA and back to village program.

He said that for the better execution and convenience of the local contractors the contracts below …. “Slab must be kept out of the pale of e-tendering.”

The DDC Council Chairperson Bilqees and Deputy Chairperson Irfan Manhas also addressed the gathering. The vote of thanks was presented by advocate Gowhar Hussain Wani who said that the Party is committed for the welfare of the common masses and the redressal of their grievances is its primary priority.  

“Apni Party has shunned adherence to family or nepotistic structures. Everyone is welcome here without any distinction on the basis of religion, riches or caste. I thank our Vice president Zaffar Iqbal Manhas, distinct leaders and energetic political activists of Wachi and Shopian for making this convention a success. I urge you all to join our hands and strengthen the party at grass root level in Shopian,” Advocate Gowher concluded.

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