Change is on cards says Congress Leader

Change is on cards says Congress Leader

Suhail Khan

RAFIABAD, Jan 27 : Congress leader Altaf Malik on Sunday said that a change is on cards in Rafiabad constituency as people are coming forward for a new beginning.

Emphasizing on strengthening of party at grassroot level in Rafiabad Malik said that people here want a change, a change towards the betterment of Rafiabad. He said that people in Rafiabad a far flung area are suffering badly and had been ignored by previous goverments from time to time.

The Congress leader and a social activist while addressing a gathering of people at Achabal area of Rafiabad said that people are fed up now from the previous leaders of National Conference and People’s Democratic Party as they (leaders) failed completely on ground level to redress the geneuine grievances of the common masses.

Malik assured that party will work towards betterment, and towards development of Rafiabad belt.

While targeting National Conference and People’s Democratic Party Malik said that these parties change colors like a chameleon and sing Autonomy and Self Rule songs but the people are mature enough to judge these gimmicks.

Malik said that both NC and PDP are responsible for the suffering of people of the upper belt of Rafiabad who are yet to see any development in the area during their tenures.

He appealed people to come forward and help Indian National Congress to uproot the dynasty politics of Abdullah’s and Mufti’s.

Those who were present on this occasion included the recently elected Baramulla Muncipal Council President of Umar Kakroo, Fayaz Ahmed, beside large gathering of people across Rafiabad were present on the occasion.

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