Communication Gag: Mobile phone sale lowest ever in Kashmir; companies loose crores

Communication Gag: Mobile phone sale lowest ever in Kashmir; companies loose crores

A mobile company per day sale was Rs 20 lakh a day, say official

Srinagar Sep 17 : Apart from the losses of locals in Kashmir, the international business players are also suffering the losses tuning up-to crores due to the ongoing uncertainty and spontaneous shutdown in the Valley.

The valley is one of the leading markets of India in the segment of electronics with a huge customer base in the region. The major mobile manufacturing companies are operating in the valley from the last decade and have been successful in maintaining the demand and supply cycle for their business in the region.

According to wire service—, due to the ongoing uncertainty and communication clampdown have choked the business for all the leading mobile brands operating in the region. Meanwhile, an estimated loss mobile companies operating in the Valley tunes up to crores for the month of August alone.

An official working in an international mobile phone company told KNO that each day they would sell phones worth Rs 15 lakh.

Khurshid Ahmad, a businessman owning the Xiaomi and Vivo dealership told “The prevailing uncertainty have caused huge losses for not only us but for those too with whom we are associated. Apart from those losses we are still off the view about the new launches of the company because of this internet block down.”

He told the that they are pushed behind a decade by the ongoing uncertainty and the impact is worse than that of 2014 floods. He further told KNO, “I am completely cutoff from the company because of the ongoing gag and even my dealership might have been revoked by the company, no one knows.”

Another dealer Muzaffar Khan told the wire service—,” The ongoing communication gag have made the cellular phones worthless and nowadays people are using these gadgets for monitoring time, watching movies, and playing some offline games.”

He said that if the ongoing communication and internet gag does not come to an immediate end their business will vanish as people won’t prefer to buy the smart phones when they don’t have access to the mobile internet services.

He further said, “The ongoing uncertainty have serious repercussions on business perspective which will take years to get over through.” (KNO)

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