COVID Complacency

COVID Complacency

People in Jammu and Kashmir especially those who attend worship places on regular basis seem to have bid adieu to COVID-19. Though the medical experts have warned of a more dangerous wave of the deadliest Coronavirus that is in offing as the second wave of COVID-19 with more virulent strains to affect the humans, people in J&K look hardly moved by these warnings.

Be it city centre’s or at any commercial junction, shopping malls or bakery units, people seldom adhere to the Covid-19 protocols, leave aside being geared up for the second wave.
Masks are off the faces and so is the use of sanitizers. Commuters can be seen hurdled in public transport with scant regard for the social distancing norms.

The worrisome dimension is that the second is said to be coming at a time when the schools are scheduled to reopen after over a year and even theĀ  colleges being already operational.

Amid such a situation, the government needs to take extra ordinary measures before it is compelled to go for a crippling lock down.

People should also cooperate and understand the dangerous ramifications fraught in the spread of deadly virus. We need to be extra vigilant as the COVID has already consumed millions of precious human lives across the world and irrespective of age or gender. Hope the better sense prevails and people understand the consequences of such deadly pandemics in advance. 

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