DLSA, Budgam Commemorates Constitution Day

DLSA, Budgam Commemorates Constitution Day

The Constitution Day celebration held in the Court Room of the Principal District & Sessions Judge, Budgam, was a momentous occasion that paid homage to the foundation of India’s democracy. The event saw the active participation of esteemed guests, including Mr. Khalil Ahmad Choudhary, Chairman, DLSA (PDJ), Budgam.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Khalil Ahmad Choudhary, emphasized the unparalleled importance of the Constitution and its guiding principles. He described the Constitution not just as a document, but as a beacon of hope and a guidebook for a just society. He highlighted the significance of the Preamble, which encapsulates the aspirations, dreams, and collective resolve of the nation.

To conclude the event, all the participants engaged in a joint reading of the Preamble, led by Mr. Khalil Ahmad Choudhary. This act symbolized the respect and admiration for the Constitution, showcasing its enduring relevance in shaping the nation’s ethos.

The commemoration of Constitution Day in Budgam was a truly enlightening program that served as a reminder of the democratic values and ideals that form the backbone of India. It was a testament to the commitment and dedication of the District Legal Services Authority towards upholding the constitutional principles and promoting justice in society.

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