SACPPE’s event on 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks throws light on borderless threats

SACPPE’s event on 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks throws light on borderless threats

Tributes paid to martyrs on 15th anniversary of the deadly attack

Ganderbal, November 26: In a significant initiative against global terrorism, the South Asia Centre for Peace & Peoples .

Empowerment (SACPPE) organized a day-long event at the Sadat Valley Educational Institute in Wakoora in Central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.

The event titled: “Terrorism is Borderless,” the event was aimed to address the transnational nature of terrorism that affects communities worldwide.

Commencing with solemn tributes to the martyrs of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, speakers delved into the complexities of the chosen theme. Notably, Abdul Rashid Guroo, a recipient of the Best Teacher Award, passionately addressed the audience on the imperative need for peace and the devastating impact of terrorism and global conflicts.

The event served as a platform for experts to share insights into the interconnectedness of security challenges faced by nations.

Attendees engaged in thought-provoking discussions, emphasizing the collective responsibility in combating terrorism and fostering a world free from the shadows of violence.

The SACPPE’s initiative underscored the urgency of international cooperation to counter the borderless menace of terrorism, transcending geographical boundaries for a safer and more secure global future.

Speaking on the occasion Umar Gul Bhat, a social activist said the 26/11 Mumbai attacks were a turning point in terrorism in India outside Jammu and Kashmir. “The changes in India’s ‘security architecture’ have not made the country less vulnerable to another 26/11 type of attack in future. It is responsibility of every citizen of this country to contribute for peace and keep the anti-national forces at bay,” he said.

Abdul Rashid Guru, the best teacher of the institution, spoke in detail about the peace and the threats nation was facing from within and outside. He impressed upon the students to solely focus on their studies and not give ear to those who want to disrupt the peaceful environment of Kashmir.

Zaman Noor, a motivational speaker spoke about the supreme sacrifices of the security personnel, who laid down their lives while defending the nation. Describing the incident as the most dastardly terror attack, he emphasized the significance of November 26 which no Indian can forget.

“The Mumbai attack of 26/11 was a clear demonstration by neighboring country’s terror outfits and its military-intelligence establishment’s strategic culture of causing hurt and harm to India. India, in many ways, faces a unique set of challenges in dealing with terrorism. The responsibilities of people Jammu and Kashmir are manifold as it is border state which has been always in the line of fire,” he added.

The students of the school also participated in highlighting the evils of terrorism and spoke on the theme.

Sakshi Koul, a student spoke about the dividends of peace and destruction caused by the terrorism. “Students play a crucial role in developing a peaceful society by promoting tolerance, understanding, and open-mindedness. They can contribute through education, fostering inclusivity, and engaging in constructive dialogue to address issues and promote harmony,” she said.

Syeda Sana Zehra while speaking about the theme of the event underscored the need for educating people about the ill effects of violence caused by the terrorism.

On the occasion, the SACPPE awarded “SADAAT VALLEY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE WAKURA” chairman Javeed Ali Sheikh, Principal Irfan Shafi Lone, 10th class toppers Syed Faisal Hussain, Amir Mushtaq, Safana Ashraf, 8th toppers Imran Mushtaq, Inyath Nazir and Foziya Firdous Best teachers of the instate, Bashir Ahmed Ganie, Shameem Ahmad Bhat, Musrata Hassan and Abdul Rashed Guru were also felicitated on the occasion.

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