Drugs : The Destruction Of New Generation

Drugs : The Destruction Of New Generation

The increasing trend of drugs and spurt in psychological problems in our society is not without serious danger.

Every day we see and hear such news in newspapers and social media. Drug addiction is a scourge that begins with the illusion of peace and ends with the destruction of life.

The scourge of drugs is not only in higher educational institutions and higher society but is emerging as a fashion everywhere. Rural children, too can not be spared as the effect of this menace is visible there also.

It had been witnessed that minors blow cigarettes with quite gratitude ignoring the evil aspects of this addiction.. Often children and youth become victims of drug addiction due to the negligence and attitude of their parents. Parents should give some time out of their busy lives to their children.

They should know what they do, where they go, whom they meet. Sometimes they get addicted to drugs by mingling in wrong company. Many people resort to drugs because of fear of their problems and many also resort to drugs to escape from reality.

A person starts using the substance, then this becomes fashion, then hobby becomes a necessity over time and thus the person becomes completely addicted and then completely destroys his heart and mind, he starts doing whatever wrong he can to get money.

And in this way, a healthy person brings his life to the brink of destruction.
The whole world is under the terrible poison of drugs. The new generation is rapidly treating this poison as sweetness without caring for his/her bright future. It is heartbreaking to see people smoking and drinking alcohol. What is destroying the young generation is slowly hollowing out their youth by darkening their lives.

Drug addiction is a dangerous disease. It destroys the person himself and his family, the society and the entire country and nation. Once someone gets addicted to drugs, he gets hooked. And after getting hooked, he realizes its harmful effects. This is the reason why the voice against it continues to be raised all over the world today, yet it is increasing day by day, but why???

Drugs are a sweet poison that alienates a person from this world and hereafter.
Drug addiction is first a hobby then gradually becomes a necessity.

A drug addict dies instantly in painful agony. It is not only him who dies, but also his desire for happiness. If someone starts taking drugs, there is some reason behind it, some event, some aspect of disappointment, deprivation and failure.

But why doesn’t a person think that the cure for disappointment and failure is not just drugs. Rather, addiction is a poison for human health. Now-a-days intoxicants are available in new and new flavors. But this addiction is mentally paralyzing along with spoiling the health of the person,lead to destruction. Generations are being destroyed by their call, they only have to collect notes.

The real strength of any nation is its youth. The passion of the new generation is what makes any nation grow. In any country, attention is paid to prepare the new generation for the better service of the country. It is not only necessary for economic development, but it also plays an important role in the defense of the country. It is the youth who protect the country from enemies by staying awake day and night on the borders.

The real protection of the freedom and independence of the country is possible only thanks to the new generation. If the new generation is united and vigilant, then the enemy cannot put his evil intentions into practice.

But today, drug dealers have made it their goal to make the new generation addicted to different drugs. If the new generation of a country becomes addicted to drugs, the results become extremely dangerous.

On the one hand, a vigorous campaign against drugs is being conducted around the world and efforts are being made to rid the world of all kinds of drugs to save the youth from complete destruction, and on the other hand, the drug mafia is trying to destroy the new generation. They earn crores from illegal drug trade. They are trying hard to get the youth addicted to heroin, cocaine, hashish, ganja, opium and many other types of addiction.

And it is very dangerous for the new generation to get addicted to drugs because as a result, the country will go forward. May face severe shortage of manpower. And the question is not only economic loss, but the new generation should not be allowed to become addicted to drugs.

When the new generation is addicted to drugs, social problems will also arise and as a result, the whole society will deteriorate. No effort has been spared to shake the foundation of the society and destroy the new generation.

Mohmmad Aakib Shah
Lecturer cum Administrative officer
International public Higher secondary school BajaBain

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