Emotional Health – A vital component of Wellbeing



Dr. Rohi

Nurturing your Emotional Health is as important as nurturing your Physical Health.

Our daily lives revolve around maintaining our emotional health. Our emotions can affect how we approach our daily activities, whether we are joyful, afraid, excited, or furious. Having excellent emotional health is crucial in leading a complete and balanced life since every decision we make is influenced by our emotional state in some tiny manner. Although life is not always simple, emotional health is not about how easy or difficult life is. Being emotionally healthy does not imply that you are flawless or free from troubles with family and friends as well as bad thoughts. Instead, it demonstrates your capacity to manage all of life’s uncertainties. A vital component of total health is Emotional Health. Our self-esteem, how we respond to challenging circumstances, and how we accept our own and other people’s feelings are all aspects of our emotional health. Emotionally balanced people have control over their thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. They are prepared to deal with life’s challenges. They possess the capacity to bounce back from setbacks with optimism. They are happy with themselves and their relationships.

At its core, emotional health is a consistent and productive state of positive psychological functioning. Emotional health is, in some ways, an extension of mental health. It combines everything you think, feel, and do — during both the highs and lows of life.

Emotional well-being is a skill. It is not a trait we inherit from our parents or something we either have or don’t. Being emotionally healthy does not necessarily entail constant joy. It implies that you are conscious of your feelings. No matter how they turn out, you can manage them. Stress, rage, and grief are nonetheless felt by emotionally healthy persons. But they are skilled at controlling their negative emotions. They are able to recognize when a situation is too much for them to tackle alone. Furthermore, they know when to seek medical advice.

It’s critical to keep in mind that emotional health is not static; it changes over time depending on your physical condition, your experiences, and a variety of circumstances that may be occurring in your personal or professional life. The more you take care of your mental wellbeing and grow your resources, the more pleased you will be even in times of enormous change.

You can work effectively and handle the stresses of daily life if you have good emotional health. Your potential can be realized with its assistance. It facilitates collaboration with others and social contribution. According to experts, people who are emotionally healthy experience less unpleasant emotions and recover from setbacks more quickly.

Every sort of relationship requires emotional wellbeing. To properly communicate with the people we encounter on a daily basis, we need emotional balance. These connections are essential for building a powerful support system. If we are not in emotional health ourselves, we cannot properly negotiate relationships. Because we are unable to appropriately handle the daily ups and downs of social interactions, weak emotional health stresses connections with family and friends.

You can take following actions to strengthen your emotional stability and find happiness:

Ø Exercise: Even light exercise, like walking, releases endorphins, which help lessen depressive-related symptoms. If you can get outside and get some vitamin D, all the better!

Ø Mindfulness: According to a study, developing daily habits of mindfulness makes you emotionally more secure. You may learn to remain in the now and control your emotions with the aid of mindfulness. You can manage stress, anxiety, and sadness by finding inner peace, using relaxation techniques, and practising meditation.

Ø Be grateful: Keep a list of your life’s blessings. We can experience joy, relieve stress, and enhance our emotional health by remembering what we value.

Ø Socialize: Making connections with friends and family strengthens bonds that provide you the support you need to deal confidently with even the most trying circumstances. It can be quite beneficial to have someone you can chat to, ask for advice from, or even vent to when you’re stressed.

Ø Supplements: Many key vitamins and minerals that can help us control our emotions are frequently missing from our diets. Vitamins and trace elements work together to create the neuro -chemical and metabolic balance necessary for emotional and overall health. As a result, supplements play an important role in correcting these imbalances. To maintain good emotional health, supplementation and fortification strategies must be implemented.

Ø Get quality sleep: A consistent sleep and waking schedule, as well as a bedroom environment that is optimised, will help you obtain adequate sleep and ultimately contributes to preserving general psychological and emotional well-being.

Stuff to think about:

Even those with strong emotional health can experience emotional difficulties or mental illness. There is frequently a medical cause for mental illness. A chemical imbalance in the brain may be the cause of this. Stress and issues at home, at work, or in school can start or exacerbate mental illness. People who suffer from emotional issues or mental illness can benefit from counselling, support groups, and medications. Consult your physician if you are experiencing persistent emotional issues. He or she can support you in locating the best form of care. Furthermore, there is a symbiotic relationship between emotional and physical health: both can influence the other. Your emotions can influence your physical health as well as the other way around.

You can overcome almost any fear if you set your mind to it.

The Author is a Columnist and a Practising Mental Health Psychologist at Lisners, India’s best Mental Health and Wellbeing App and can be reached at [email protected].


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