How To Increase Dairy Production In Kashmir

How To Increase Dairy Production In Kashmir

Sahil Manzoor

Day by day the unemployment graph is rising throughout the country. Every year thousands of qualified youth complete their degrees in various professional and reputed institutes of the country in different courses like engineering, medical courses and other technical courses through UGC recognised/granted universities/polytechnics. It is not possible for the government that every educated individual could get a reputed government job.

As the government sector has adequate capacities which they recruited/filled through different agencies like JKSSRB (Jammu and Kashmir service selection recruitment board) filling non-gazetted posts in the union territory, like teachers, junior engineers, etc. PSC’s (public service commissions) filling gazetted posts in the state like lectures, doctors, Assistant Conservator of Forests, Assistant Registrars etc. UT’s of the prestigious exam also conducted by the state PSC’s through proper examination and final selection is purely based on merit.

Now the question arises that the government has to engage every individual in different sectors whether its government sector or private but at the same time we do not have that much of a resource that every individual would get a reputed and government job with handsome salaries. So we have to learn to manage things, every citizen of our country must have a well-managed lifestyle.

Before spending every single penny we have to think whether it is our requirement or not but still we are taking matters lightly and have no fear about the future of the youth. The policy makers of the country must consider the unemployed youths and must generate employment opportunities for them so that they live their life in a very good manner and are able to fulfil their livelihood needs.

One thing is quite appreciable that the government administration has accolades from the general public for taking steps to generate employment in various sectors. Mission youth secretary Mr. Shahid Iqbal Choudary (IAS) and his team have initiated various schemes/programmes for the unemployed youth of Kashmir and supported various families on subsidiary loans.

These days we are getting quite an interesting update that some engineering student initiated her own Harissa business. ONE MBA pass out student started up his own vegetable production business so these steps are appreciable and every one of us should be less hearted regarding their profession. We have to adopt every profession until we get success.

Literally I was about to discuss various more scenarios with you friends in Sha Allah we discuss and highlight more interesting things with you in future. Today actually I am going to highlight the ‘how to produce more dairy production Kashmir’ let’s discuss in brief. As we know dairy products are used worldwide, all the dairy products we use are from cows mostly. So we have to increase cow production in the country through various means such as: 1. Farmers should cater counselling programmes within a very short span of time. 2. Every grievance should be redressed within no time. 3. More breeds of cows must be introduced in JK. 5. Proper cow shed, fodder etc. should be provided to dairy farmers on subsidiary loan that is too in a very short span of time.

Cattles are very useful for us in various ways and play a vital role in the economy of the country. Lumpy skin diseases outbreak in the country a few months ago and due to that almost one lakh sixty thousand cows died (1, 60, 000). Dairy farmers who have started this production of bank loans are worrying and in a depression. So the government administration considered the loss of dairy farmers and provided them with a special rebate on bank loans. One more interesting point is that “higher officials should introduce more helpful schemes and complete them as soon as possible for the dairy growers. As we are having one of the basic problems that animal husbandry does not have sufficient staff which provides better care to the cattle of dairy farmers.

Suggestion: – Diploma or certificate courses should be introduced in the valley for cattle caring and treatments. As we have not sufficient staff in the animal husbandry department which tackle an emergency. Unemployed educated youths should be trained that they have got the ability to treat animals in their vicinity and provide respite to their kins in remote areas of the Kashmir valley.

Sahil Manzoor

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