Enforce SOPs on ground

Enforce SOPs on ground

The second wave of Covid-19 is spreading fast in Jammu and Kashmir like other parts of the country. Not only the number of positive cases but fatalities are also increasing. A latest study has reported that enforcement of SOPs can prove more effective than maintaining social distancing. 

The government of Jammu and Kashmir should enforce the Standard Operating Procedures on ground in letter and spirit. Wiring masks is mandatory but it should be implemented by the administration among the general public. The latest study has also underlined the importance of good ventilation. 

The government must also ensure that the public maintains good ventilation in gatherings which are urgent in nature. Besides this a massive awareness campaign must be started to ensure that people use soaps, sanitisers in the recommended  quantity. 

Vaccination drive is good but not only its availability needs to be ensured for people aged above 45 in all healthcare facilities but people should be instilled confidence that taking jabs is not hazardous and its inoculation can prove a good safeguard for them against the deadly virus. 

The government of India must also come forward with liberal funding for augmentation of healthcare infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir in view of the coming summer season. This season, people expect, a considerable footfall of tourists in Kashmir and the government needs to create an enabling environment for a full bloom tourist season in J&K that can not only compensate its  distressed economy but also provide a ray of hope to the unemployed youth in these uncertain times. 

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