Exams on Cards: Students in shock, despair in Kashmir

Exams on Cards: Students in shock, despair in Kashmir

‘How can we face question paper when our syllabus is incomplete’

Gowhar Nazir

Srinagar 11 Sep : The announcement of proposed annual exams scheduled for the students of 10th, 11th, and 12th by the JKBOSE has put the students in a state of despair as majority of students’ claim that they are not fully prepared to face the exams due to non-completion of syllabus.

According to wire service—, the students complained about the prevailing uncertainty due to which most of their syllabus has remained incomplete and their preparations were put on hold due to ongoing communication gag.

Majority of the students have stated the announcement as unjustified and have called upon the state administration to intervene in order to save their precious year.

Iqra Rasool, a student of 12th standard told the wire services— that, “The prevailing clampdown have already done a lot of damage to the academic session 2019 and now with the announcement of annual exams for the Kashmir valley have left us shocked.”

She told that the move is totally unjustified and is against the rules as most of their syllabus is yet to be covered and they want to cover that so that they can compensate the losses incurred due to the ongoing clampdown.

Iqra further told the wire services—, “I am totally speechless about the recent press release of JKBOSE how can play with our careers.”

Another student Ajaz Khan told the wire services—, “The projected exams schedule is a sheer injustice on our plight as our institutes are locked down right from the August 05, 2019 and as the prevailing uncertainty entered into the second consecutive month with no access to other facilities like the internet, mobile connectivity we are being targeted by the JKBOSE for something that we haven’t done.”

Khan also told that the ongoing situation have taught him only one important thing that is the importance of educational institutes and the source of internet, “we never know the importance of the things unless and until we lose them for a while.”

Khan further told the that, “I don’t want that the JKBOSE competent authorities announce any drop in the syllabus in fact they can provide us some time extension so that we can prepare well for the exams”.

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