Few centimeters of snowfall turn Srinagar into ‘swimming pool’

Few centimeters of snowfall turn Srinagar into ‘swimming pool’

Inundation hurdles movement of pedestrians

Srinagar Dec 14: After the Friday’s light snowfall in Kashmir division, the habitants of Srinagar district are unable to step out from their homes as roads have turned into swimming pools. Several delegations told despite passing of 24 hours, authorities are yet to come out from their cozy rooms in dewatering the city areas.

According to news agency, after Friday’s light snowfall that lashed almost every district of Valley have badly affected the roads of Srinagar city. Roads leading to South and North directions of the city are looking like streams and pedestrians are unable to move from one place to another.

Several delegations told news agency, despite the quantum of recent snowfall was very much low but authorities have again failed in dewatering Srinagar areas who are looking streams from the last two days. They added the winters are proving catastrophic for Valley though quantum of rain or snowfall is less or more.

Abdul Ahad Bhat of uptown Rambagh said that few centimeters of snowfall have exposed the tall claims of administration who are duping common masses by mere paper statements.

“It was not havoc like situation, only few centimeters of snowfall happened but unfortunately administration has failed this time repeatedly. Instead of taking effective measures in dewatering Srinagar city, mere statements are being issued to dupe common masses”, Bhat said.

He said the heart of the city Lal Chowk is turned into a swimming pool and passersby are unable to move by foot. He added that though I travelled from Sonawar area but I have seen no dewatering pump pressed into service by authorities anywhere.

However eye witnesses said that entire Srinagar city is inundated and no step has been taken from the authority in dewatering the roads.

“I went out to Lal Chowk for commercial purpose but at Hari Singh High Street I fell down in a pit which was covered with snow and got injured”, an eye witness told news agency.

He said roads of the city are posing Tsunami like situation with disrupted the movement of pedestrians.

He appealed authorities to shun issuing paper statements and employ men and machinery in dewatering inundated areas to ensure safe movement of passersby. (JKNS)

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