Future of traditional icon of Kashmir ‘Kangri’ at stake

Future of traditional icon of Kashmir ‘Kangri’ at stake

Replaced by gas heaters snatched livelihood of thousands

Srinagar Dec 14: The industry of traditional Kashmiri firepot ‘Kangri’ has received a huge brunt after the large-scale usage of modern gas heaters by Kashmiris. The people affiliated with this traditional trade are worrisome about their future and have appealed authorities to safeguard their livelihood.

According to news agency, the traditional Kashmiri firepot ‘Kangri’ has bleak chances of providing livelihood to people affiliated with the trade in future as Kashmiris have become fond of using modern gas heaters to get warm during winters. Not only in urban areas but people living in far flung areas too are relied upon gas heaters instead of using Kangri which once was the prestigious icon of the Kashmir.

Manzoor Ahmad Dar who is using to visit Srinagar city during winters to sell Kangri’s in order to earn livelihood for his family told “The trade has been affected at worst from a decade. Kashmiris are using Kangris less than earlier and now it has confined to a gift item which people usually send to their brides”.

Dar also said, “This trade provided livelihood to thousands of peoples in past but due to indifferent attitude of successive governments, the trade has been left to die its own death”. He further said “People are now using modern gas heaters during winters which affected the sale of Kangris immensely”.

As per Dar, “Kangri was safe, indigenous, handy and cheap for a customer however gas heaters are going costly day by day and are immovable. Government should come forward for the safeguard of trade which has a potential to employ thousands of workers in rural areas”.

However as per reports over 100 to 120 people are losing their lives annually due to leakage of gas in Valley. Officials said the death rate from gas leakage has increased from couple of years in Kashmir as LPG gas heaters are being used majority of people. They added during the winters these gas heaters in closed rooms produce more carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide which leads to death. (JKNS)

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