Food Safety Department Confirms Safe Watermelons in Kashmir


Suhail Khan

Srinagar, Mar 16 : The controversy surrounding the safety of watermelons in Kashmir has come to an end, with the Food Safety Department of Kashmir stating that all test reports have come out positive.

Deputy Commissioner of the Food Safety Department, Shugufta Jalal, addressed a press conference as per Kashmir Despatch Correspondent assured the public that the experts in food technology have concluded that watermelon consumption is absolutely safe.

She emphasized that there have been no adverse reports from any of the samples taken across Kashmir.

The tests conducted included both surveillance and in-depth analysis using advanced equipment.

The results have confirmed that watermelons grown in various parts of India throughout the year are safe for consumption, debunking claims that it is not a seasonal fruit.

Jalal further stated that the department is committed to maintaining stringent food safety standards and preventing misinformation from causing panic.

They will continue to closely monitor the situation and communicate transparently with the public to uphold trust and ensure the health and safety of consumers.

She urged the public not to fall victim to unverified posts or those without proof. Likewise, she appealed to authorities to refrain from sharing any information until experts have reviewed it.

In case of any issues or complaints, she encouraged people to contact the Food Safety Department at 101, where they can lodge their complaints and seek counsel from experts.

Pertinently, The controversy began when Dr Wajahat’s tweet gained traction, urging consumers to boycott watermelons purportedly artificially ripened with chemicals. The tweet resonated with many netizens, sparking fear and scepticism among residents ahead of Ramadan.

Meanwhile, Kashmir broke all records in watermelon sales during the previous Ramadan.

As per data breaking all records in fruit sales, Jammu and Kashmir sold watermelons worth Rs 50 million (US $6,56,000 approx.) every day in the Kashmir valley during the month of Ramadan in 2023.

According to officials, Kashmir is also known as one of the biggest consumers of watermelon in the country.

Suhail Khan
Suhail Khan

Suhail Khan is a filmmaker, content writer, and freelance journalist.


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