Governor pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

Governor pays tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

Srinagar, October 1: On the eve of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Governor Satya Pal Malik has paid rich tributes to the Father of the Nation.

In a message, Governor has recalled the Mahatma’s monumental contribution to the prolonged struggle for securing freedom from the British colonial rule; his lifelong campaigns against social injustice and racism and his unending pursuit for the establishment of a truly secular and harmonious society. He described Gandhiji as a true messenger of peace and a staunch believer of non-violence whose sacrifices and teachings are indelibly imprinted on the global conscience.

On the occasion Governor recalled Mahatma Gandhiji’s ideology in promoting ‘Khadi’, a hand-spun and hand-woven cotton cloth, across the country which is one of the prominent symbols of India’s struggle for Independence and appreciated its growth as a brand which is popular across all the sections of the society and among people of all ages.

Governor observed that the most befitting tribute which can be paid to the Father of Nation would be to re-invigorate and strengthen our efforts for ensuring cleanliness of all the water bodies and lakes, cities, towns and villages and establishing self governing democratic institutions at grass root level. He said that ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ launched by the Prime Minister has played a vital role in bringing about a behavioural change in the people with regard to maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings.

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