Gurez’s Trout Fish Under Threat

Gurez’s Trout Fish Under Threat

Incessant Rains, Melting Glaciers Factors


GUREZ, June 5: The famous Kishanganga River, known for its high-quality trout and crystal clear water, is facing a significant threat to Trout fishes due to continuous rainfall.

Experts have raised concerns over the declining water quality, which could have severe implications for the trout population and the ecosystem as a whole.

Locals while speaking with Kashmir Despatch said that trout fishing in Kishanganga River has been a major attraction for locals and tourists, drawing fishing enthusiasts from far and wide. The river’s pristine waters have long been cherished as an ideal habitat for trout, renowned for their distinct flavor and delicate texture.

The recent  rainfall in the Gurez region has sparked worries about the future of this cherished species. Fisheries department had earlier launched several campaigns for tourists as well as locals about cleaning lakes   and increased garbage on river banks.

The decline in water quality not only threatens the survival of trout but also endangers the overall biodiversity of the Kishanganga River.

Meanwhile speaking with the Kashmir Despatch, FD Fisheries Gurez Abdul Rehman, said that the continuous rains decreased water quality in the river. He also said that usually in the month of June the water quality remains clear but due to early melting of glaciers, rise in temperature and increasing rainfall the water quality decreased in the lake which is harmful for trout fishes. “In September last year during the breeding season cloudburst in the upper area of Tulail valley had already caused damage to trout fishes,” he added.

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