ICAR-CITH issues advisory to farmers

ICAR-CITH issues advisory to farmers

SRINAGAR, May 26: ICAR-Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture has issued an advisory for farmers in Kashmir.

As per the advisory, for management of scab and insects in apple crop following schedule is recommended.

Scab management: In case of apple, for management of scab, other diseases and pests, farmers are advised to adhere the plant protection schedule developed by Department of Horticulture of respective states at different fruit development stages. 

Hail storm:  In order to recover the fruits from hail damage, spray the hail affected orchards with urea(500g) and Mancozeb (300 gm) in 100 L of water. 

Do’s and Don’ts: 

Whosoever has sprayed any one of the fungicide earlier should not repeat the same because of systemicity of fungicides.

During spraying take proper protection measures like wear goggles, gloves, masks, apron etc. 

If Use stickers/adjuvants for better efficacy of fungicides (except Dodine) especially during rainy days

In case of heavy rains within 12 hours of spray the spray is to be repeated immediately (if adjuvants/stickers are were not used). 

Anybody is feeling sick, cough, sneezing, fever etc. kindly consult doctor rather than work in orchards. 

Spraying should be done during early morning or evening hours to avoid toxicity of fungicides during high temperatures. 

 “For any clarification contact: Dr D B Singh (9419061669); Dr O C Sharma (9419243119), Dr Javid I Mir (9906602101), Dr K L Kumawat (9419061108), Dr Wasim H Raja (9419058998), Dr Sajad Un Nabi (7006487704), Dr S N Kirmani (7006316856 )or Dr M A Sheikh (9419515989),” a CITH statement issued to Kashmir Despatch reads.

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