Important Reforms Requisite In Education System


Siraj ud din Salam

Education system underwent a major transaction after 1991’s economic liberalization in India. When industries and economy started developing in india, the demand for technical employee also increased. Since enormous job availability, total education system became demand and supply chain. Education is the key method to eradicate ignorance and develop a better society. As of present situation, the education and education system producing preprogramed machines that can do routine work without any objection. No educated youth has capability to think about society and think beyond money. India has over 1.42 billion population and we still fail to produce one like Edison or Einstein. It reflects some fundamental structural problem within India. During 1991 liberalization period, Indian government entertained much regarding privatized education system.

Reason for this failure- : No proper teachers in government schools. Private schools push student towards mark not for welcome use, there is a division between rural and urban schools, rural students can not compete with urban settled students due to inferior educational environment of rural areas. Private school receive high amount fees and charges and mostly settle down that income immorally. Due to malpractice of private schools, such activities for mark oriented approach provokes government schools too to follow same approach. Private school mafias create new methods to extract money from people through various boards of education. Private schools act as a factory to produce demand and supply students, who later fall into the same pit as everyone felt.Education has became money oriented so no one out of Indian schools has real knowledge or capability to think.

Talking about my Native Place Baramulla town in Jammu and Kashmir UT In year 1994 Muslim Education Foundation (MEF) established Baramulla Public School at Eidgah (a place set apart for public prayers) Jadeed Baramulla, this intention to give quality education to Baramullains and other surrounding areas by co-opting with Auquaf Islamia Baramulla. The two organizations jointly manage the affairs of school and their services are voluntary, but very unfortunately by the passage of time that same school turned a hub of education violations, the Baramulla Public School broke all the laws and cheated with parents belonging to Baramulla, those Baramullians who came forward and provided them land worth of crores for free. But now Baramulla Public School and its background management group is getting huge admission fee from parents for Nursery class admission and the fact is they only demand money in the form of cash and do not provide any official acknowledgements / Receipt. When the law is clear Section 13(1) in The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 (1) No school or person shall, while admitting a child, collect any capitation/Admission fee and subject the child or his or her parents or guardian to any screening procedure. Also Baramulla Public School Make Business Out Of This which is also violation of law According to Rule 11(1)(b), every school applying for recognition should submit a self-declaration showing that “they do not run institute for the profit to any individual, group or association of individuals or any other persons.”

It’s pertinent to mention that the principal and management of Baramulla Public School are doing this mafia with those peoples/parents who donated common land of Baramulla to them for spreading Education.

Even Baramulla Public School refused to allow my 4 years old daughter to class room after admission as I refused to pay black money of 35000( thirty five thousand Rupees), which is the violation of Right To education ACT 2009. I demanded official receipt and Principal along with vice principal denied admission, instead they harassed 4 year old girl student. This is the concept of education for Baramulla Public School.

Baramulla Public School Violates supreme court Orders “In its landmark judgment on April 12, 2012, the Supreme Court upheld the Constitutional validity of the Right to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009, which mandates a minimum of 25% free seats for children belonging to weaker sections and disadvantaged groups (EWS) in all private unaided primary schools”

The above mentioned school is violating many rules and laws of government including Article 21-A of constitution of India, Section 12(1)(c) of Right to education Act 2009 and Section 13(1) of Right to education Act 2009. Baramulla Public School is also overcharging poor parents which is the gross violation of committee for fixation and regulation of fee of private schools j &k (FFRC) Order No.553-FFRC(FF)of 2021 dated 07/10/2021.

Solution to this problem- Free compulsory education till 18 has to be maintained without any discrimination through out both public and private institutions. Particular Government body should intervene the admission process from the beginning Nursery level in order to disburse students admissions to all present institutions in the district/province, likely we see in NEET selection process or CUET allotment process etc., each institute including government as well as private would receive quota of students as per their capacity in schools and rest affairs will be looked after by government body. The whole process should be done under government supervision providing confirmation letter to students in the end of process, this
process will stop private schools to continue such monopolistic practices in education system nor can they demand sky touching admission charges. Government should strictly instruct school management & parents to pay school tuition fee as per FFRC guidelines to schools bank account, cash transactions should be banned for the sake of transparency in education sector.

(To be continued in part II)
The author is
Siraj ud din Salam
Social & RTI Activist, Explorer, Campaigner
& is affiliated with Jammu and Kashmir RTI Movement
Can be reached at [email protected]

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are that of the author and does not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of the Kashmir Despatch.


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