India to run on the constitution, not on BJP’s manifesto : Mehbooba Mufti

Won’t allow the sacrifices to go waste’

Suhail Khan

Srinagar, Oct 24: Former chief minister and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti on Friday said that this country will run on the constitution, not on BJP’s manifesto,and the people of J&K are expendable to them (Center), what they want is territory and not people of Kashmir.

Addressing a news conference, Mehbooba Mufti said,“We had acceded to a liberal, democratic, secular India. We are not comfortable,as leaders of BJP have ruined the Constitution of India for their political and personal gains.

While heavily criticising the BJP she said that the ruling party has already demolished the constitution as well as the flag as the party used the flag (tricolor) in a pro-rapists rally in Jammu. The flag of Jammu and Kashmir was the only reason behind the relation with the other flag. She said that she will not raise any flag till the flag of Jammu and Kashmir is returned.

Former chief minister of J&K, Mehbooba Mufti in her first press conference 11 days after she was released from 14-month-long detention said that “Our fight is not confined for the restoration of Article 370, but for the resolution of Kashmir issue as well. Kashmir issue is an issue and nobody can  be indifferent towards it” she added.

Mehbooba also added that “those who think we will forget Article 370 are living in fool’s paradise. People have given a lot of sacrifices and we won’t allow the sacrifices to go waste.”

Asked about Geelani’s refusal to talk with the delegation from centre, Mehbooba said the refusal to meet the delegation led to huge losses, adding: “If Geelani was not willing to talk, he should have at least allowed them to enter the house. But restricting their entry in the home has portrayed different picture of Kashmir.”

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