International Drug Cartel Busted in India by NCB

International Drug Cartel Busted in India by NCB

In a major success, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) Delhi Zonal Unit has successfully busted an international drug cartel operating in India, specifically in the NCR Region, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Dubai. The operation involved the arrest of individuals from various nationalities, including Indians, Mexicans, Canadians, and British citizens.

As part of the investigation, a clandestine lab was dismantled in Ludhiana, Punjab. This operation has resulted in the seizure of 15.106 kg of Methamphetamine (Ice), 09 kg of Pseudoephedrine, and other associated chemicals. Notably, three Mexican meth chemists were among the nine persons arrested during the operation.

The seizure of 2.946 kg of Methamphetamine at DHL on 17th January 2024 marked the initial breakthrough in the investigation. Further investigation led to the arrest of two consignors from Jaipur, who disclosed their involvement in collecting meth from a Delhi-based trafficker and sending parcels to Australia. The arrested consignors used forged documents to disguise their identity.

The supplier of the seized drugs was subsequently apprehended in Rohini, Delhi. During the search of his house, an additional 12.16 kg of Methamphetamine was recovered.

Further investigation revealed that the source of the seized drugs in Delhi was based in Punjab, specifically Ludhiana and other international bordering districts. The drugs were prepared at a clandestine lab in Ludhiana, and fully manufactured drugs were sent through domestic mules from various places in Punjab, such as Amritsar, Fagwada, and Mohali.

Acting on the gathered intelligence, the NCB, DZU conducted multiple raids in Ludhiana, Mohali, and Jalandhar. Two Indian nationals were apprehended during a raid in Ludhiana, leading to the recovery of 04 kg of Pseudoephedrine. The premises also served as a clandestine lab for the production of Methamphetamine seized in Delhi. The seizure included various chemicals used in the production process, with 05 kg of Pseudoephedrine among them.

During the raid, three Mexican nationals, who were professional chemists and experts in Methamphetamine production, were also apprehended. These individuals had arrived in India in November 2023 as per the directions of their handlers based in Mexico and the UK. The arrested Indian nationals were providing assistance and raw materials to the Mexican chemists.

One additional associate was apprehended in Ferozpur, Punjab, and efforts are ongoing to locate the prime suspect, an advocate from Mohali who is currently absconding. The NCB, DZU is also working to trace other associates and handlers connected to the arrested individuals.

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