Known for Knowledge, Bandipora Gets Major Facelift as DGIS Makes Entry with Quality Education


Suhail Rather

Bandipora, May 14 : The North Kashmir’s Bandipora District Known for knowledge gets a major facelift as Dubai International School makes the entry with the promise of quality education in the district.

The Dubai International School (DGIS) inaugurated its new branch in Sonarwani, bringing a beacon of hope and quality education to the District.The grand opening ceremony, held on May 14, was a festive convergence of eager parents and children from both Srinagar and Bandipora, all united by the common aspiration for academic excellence.

Muhammad Hanif Bhat, the Chairman of DGIS, addressed the community with heartfelt gratitude, acknowledging the persistent requests from local delegations that culminated in the realization of this educational venture.

“Today, we stand together to celebrate not just the inauguration of a school, but the affirmation of our promise to nurture the minds of tomorrow,” he said.

He said that DGIS’s arrival in Bandipora is not about competition but about commitment to the Bandipora —a sentiment echoed by the parents who now see a future where their children can receive world-class education within their own district.

Bandipora, a distance steeped in the rich traditions of ‘ilm’ (knowledge), ‘adab’ (culture), and ‘aab’ (water), has long been a cradle of intellectual and cultural heritage. Renowned for its scenic beauty and the pristine waters of Wular Lake, the area has been a confluence of scholars and poets, where learning and literature flourished through the ages. Yet, despite its illustrious past, Bandipora faced a modern-day challenge—a dearth of quality educational institutions.

For years, the quest for quality education drove the residents to seek opportunities beyond the valley’s borders. The absence of reputable schools within the vicinity meant that children often had to travel great distances, a journey that was both time-consuming and fraught with challenges. This gap in the educational infrastructure not only inconvenienced families but also hindered the region’s potential to nurture its young minds.

The inauguration of Dubai International School’s branch in Sonarwani heralds a transformative era for Bandipora. DGIS’s presence in Bandipora is not merely an addition to the educational options available; it is a revival of the region’s age-old identity, intertwined with the pursuit of enlightenment and wisdom.

As DGIS opens its doors, it brings with it the promise of bridging the educational divide, offering a curriculum that is both modern and comprehensive, and facilities that foster growth and innovation. The school’s philosophy aligns with the values of Bandipora’s heritage, aiming to cultivate a generation that is knowledgeable, cultured, and imbued with a sense of responsibility towards their community and the environment.

The response to DGIS’s inauguration has been nothing short of overwhelming. Parents, who once grappled with the uncertainty of their children’s educational future, now look forward to a new chapter where their aspirations for their offspring can be realized locally.

The establishment of DGIS in Bandipora is a beacon of hope, signaling a future where the region’s children can aspire to global standards of education while staying rooted in the rich soil of their homeland.

In essence, the opening of DGIS in Bandipora is more than just the unveiling of a school; it is the rekindling of a legacy. It is a step towards restoring Bandipora’s rightful place on the map as a land known for its dedication to ‘ilm’, ‘adab’, and ‘aab’—a place where the streams of knowledge flow as abundantly as the waters that define its landscape. (KNS)


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