Tarigami Expresses Concern Over Power Crisis In Kashmir



SRINAGAR, May 14: Expressing concern over the power crisis in the Kashmir valley, CPI(M) leader Mohamad Yousuf Tarigami on Tuesday alleged it is a failure of the administration and mismanagement by those at the helm.

“How long will the people of J&K be deprived of electricity?” Tarigami asked in a statement here.

He said the recent declaration by the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) of additional power curtailments is unacceptable and a blatant disregard for the well-being of the people of Jammu & Kashmir.

“The people of Kashmir are shrouded in darkness, both literally and metaphorically”, the CPI leader said adding, “The claim of surplus is a cruel joke when our citizens are subjected to unscheduled power cuts and outages, now exacerbated by further curtailments.”

He said, “While other states enjoy the benefits of 10 per cent free power, J&K is unjustly deprived, despite our natural resources being exploited.”

“We demand at least 40 per cent free power as compensation for the use of our land and water resources,” he said.

Tarigami said, “It is an economic burden and a social injustice that J&K must annually purchase power worth 3-4 thousand crore rupees, only to impose this cost on our citizens through unjust power curtailments.”

He said, “This is a policy failure and deliberate subjugation of our rights. We demand immediate rectification of these injustices and the implementation of equitable power-sharing norms.

The era of empty assurances and defensive stances must end now. The citizens of J&K deserve transparency, fairness, and respect.”

“The consumers have expressed concerns and are troubled by the inflated bills generated by smart meters. The focus should be on ensuring sufficient electricity rather than just meters,” he said.

He also alleged that PDD have filed FIRs against various consumers recently. Instead, consumers have right to lodge FIRs against administration for putting them in darkness, he stated.

“The administration must address the issue promptly to ensure the consumers have consistent access to electricity for their daily needs,” Tarigami added. (Agencies)


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