LG Pledges To Strike ‘Last Nail In Coffin Of Terror Ecosystem’ In J&K

LG Pledges To Strike ‘Last Nail In Coffin Of Terror Ecosystem’ In J&K


JAMMU, Jan 26: Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Friday vowed to strike the last nail in the coffin of terror ecosystem and the proxy war of the neighboring country.

“The successful conclusion of the G20 summit, on the one hand familiarized the entire world with the economic strength, business capabilities, cultural prosperity, and tourism possibilities of Jammu and Kashmir and on the other, dealt a resounding blow to terrorists and enemies of humanity,” Sinha said in his address on Republic Day.

“We will not rest until we strike the last nail in the coffin of terror ecosystem and the proxy war of the neighboring country. We have made sincere efforts to revive the traditional wisdom, values of thousands year old civilization, strengthen inclusive cultural ecosystem, promotion of cultural assets along with economic growth for industrial society.”

Sinha unfurled the National Flag at the UT level function on the occasion of the 75th Republic Day, at MA Stadium this morning.

The Lt Governor inspected the contingents of the Republic Day Parade and took the ceremonial salute. “New hopes have taken roots in urban and rural areas. Drawing inspiration from a culture that obliges us to establish a stable, vibrant and dynamic society, our sincere efforts are focused towards fulfilling the aspirations of people,” he said, adding, “Rapid socio-economic development tells the tale of a long journey and our moments of accomplishments. Today, Jammu and Kashmir is full of self-confidence and we are determined to fulfill the expectations of common man.”

Over a period of just four years, he said, “overcoming countless challenges, we have built a new Jammu and Kashmir standing tall and selfreliant.”

“Our first resolution for the year 2024 is to lay the foundation of a new society for the new generation, which is energized with new skills, modern knowledge and a plethora of resources, together contributing in rapid progress of the country.”

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said, the ‘Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra’ campaign has reached the doorsteps of beneficiaries to ensure 100% saturation of flagship schemes. “Today marks the last day of this yatra, and I am pleased to note that Jammu and Kashmir has maintained its tradition of being at the forefront in such campaigns throughout the country. Almost 4 million people from the Union territory participated in this Yatra, setting a new record.”

He said that the real strength of democracy lies at the grassroots. “The administration was fully prepared to conduct timely elections in all Panchayats and urban local bodies, however owing to constitutional obligations to extend reservation and rationalization, the process has been slightly delayed,” he said, adding, “I assure everyone that under the leadership of the Prime Minister, a strong three-tier Panchayati Raj system has been established in Jammu and Kashmir, and we are committed to empower local government institutions and strengthen grassroots governance.”

Over the past few years, he said, the dreams of millions of youths have been fulfilled. “On the eve of Republic Day, economic assistance of Rs. 1384 crores has been provided to 94,680 young entrepreneurs of Jammu and Kashmir, who as job creators will contribute significantly in strengthening our economy,” he said, adding, “Starting from the financial year 2021-22 until now, opportunities for selfemployment have been provided to 8.34 lakh youths. Merit-based recruitment has been ensured for 31,830 positions in the Government, and recruitment process for 12,264 new positions is underway.”

He said 882 compassionate appointments cases have been approved last year, “providing an opportunity for a dignified life to the families of brave martyrs and those affected by the untimely loss of primary breadwinners.”

He said “some path-breaking” initiatives have been taken to further the interests of farmers, leading to “unprecedented” improvement in their incomes.

“Agriculture and allied sectors are now being viewed as sustainable sources of livelihood. Under the Holistic Agriculture Development Program, 29 projects are being implemented on ground at a cost of Rs. 5,013 crores, to ensure comprehensive development of this sector,” he said, adding, “This plan is expected to bring monumental changes in the lives of 13 lakh farmer families. An investment of Rs. 28,000 crores shall be made in GSDP, generating employment opportunities for an additional three lakh people.”

In 72 years, he said, the capacity of CAA (Controlled Atmosphere Storage) was developed to the tune of only 1.35 lakh metric tons. Within the short period of just three years, he said, an additional capacity of 2.44 lakh metric tons of cold storage has been generated with substantial investment. “Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme has been implemented in all 20 districts and efforts are underway to implement the scheme in the horticulture sector,” he said, adding, “In order to ensure economic security for farmer families, a total of 14.83 lakh Kisan Credit Cards have been distributed so far. The yellow revolution has provided a new source of income for farmers in Kashmir.”

There has been an increase of 11,000 hectares of area under vegetable cultivation in the Union territory and three new agricultural products, Sulai Honey, Bhaderwah Rajmash, and Mushkbudji, have received GI tags, he added.

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