NC ready to fight a peaceful battle for restoration of our rights : Omar Abdullah

NC ready to fight a peaceful battle for restoration of our rights : Omar Abdullah

Syed Uzma

Srinagar, Oct 29: Former chief minister and National Conference (NC) vice president, Omar Abdullah on Thursday  said that “Centre wants to snatch our land. Do they expect us to remain silent? How we will face our future generation for whom we only leave a piece of land and nothing else.”

While addressing Party Functionaries and workers here at party Headquarters Nawa- e- Subha, Party Vice President said that new land law is a direct attack on the path breaking lands laws in J&K which were independent India’s most revolutionary policies, pro peasantry and pro poor that changed the fate of poor and destitute in J&K by eradicating poverty and feudalism in the consecutive decades after independence.

 “Lanath ho ham pay agar in halaath mein ham iktidaar ki kursi kay peechey bhagien. Log hamien maaf nahi kariegin agar hamari nazar secretariat ya kursi pay rahi. Hamari ladai hamari pehchaan kay liye hai,” Omar Abdullah said while addressing a party function.

“The new land law gives an open invitation to all to drag us from our homes. It was the Land to Tiller, and sleuth of other measures like abolition of Big Landed Estates Act that had retrieved people of JK from abject property, the new land notification, not just being poor on its democratic bearings, has also obliterated J&K’s own land acts, which had made the people of J&K, the master of their own destiny. How can we keep quiet on this?  If we keep mum at this time also then how will we face our future generations?” he said.

Alluding to the present situation J&k is facing, the Party Vice President said, “Last year after parliament elections we were preparing for legislative assembly elections. Little did we know about the political catastrophe that was in store for us? Much changed since, nowhere near fighting elections, today we are striving for the restoration of our dignity, which was snatched from us audaciously,” he said.

He also maintained that the Party will remain persistent in efforts to repossess what was snatched from the people of J&K on the 5th of August last year. “We are not seeking anything unconstitutional. We are striving to get back what was a part and parcel of the constitution.  Recently Naga leaders had refused to accept the country’s flag and its constitution. Why is it he was not demonized? Why is it only us who are penalized for seeking our rights, which the country’s constitution had granted to us. Why are we called anti nationals? Why is the center employing different yardsticks?” he said.

Omar, while referring to the wanton misinformation campaign of New Delhi on the abrogation of Articles 370, 35-A said that it was asserted by the government that the measures as were undertaken on the 5th of August were to ensure that J&K will be governed under laws at par with other states, but the reality is different. “Far from putting JK on the same pedestal at par with other states, JK is being discriminated against and downgraded on every front. The New Land notification is a case in point,” he said.

 “If states like Nagaland, Himachal Pradesh; UTs like Lakshadweep can have strict laws in places for the protection of their identity and land rights why is it that the same is being denied to us?  It is only in case of J&K, when the discrimination comes into play.  It is only us who are labeled as anti nationals, when we seek protection of our identity and dignity enshrined in the country’s constitution, not those who seek it outside the ambit of the Union of India,” he said.

 He said the story of Jammu and Kashmir would have been altogether different had the NC leadership chosen otherwise in 1947. “The sacrifice our cadres have given remains unparalleled. Thousands of our party men laid their lives for the mission of the party and in strengthening the unity of the country. We went against all odds and lent supreme sacrifices for the country.  Our party never attested to violence, we always took a constitutional path to achieve our goals. But at present we are being told that the path was wrong. Are we being pressurized to choose a different path other than the mainstream? Where is it written that seeking one’s rights written in the constitution was unconstitutional?  This is being done giving a ditch to the assurances of the successive PMs of India on safeguarding the unique character and identity of JK.  It was PV Narsimha Rao, who promised: Sky is the limit; it was Vajpayee who sought a long lasting peace in Kashmir under the purview of Kashmiriyat, Jamhooriyat, and Insaaniyat. We didn’t say it.  Now if we seek our rights why are we being called as anti nationals,” he said.

“It is not the power or secretariat we are eying on. It is restoration of our dignity that matters. Our fight is for our dignity, our future, and our identity. It is not for elections. New Delhi on its part has been contriving to divide us and will try everything possible to bring a discord. But the resilience and unity amongst over selves is the best retort to them. It is the unity amongst over selves that will help us achieve our objectives,” he said.

  He said the center has created a situation where the mainstream parties had no choice but to forge unity. “Had we forged unity before, things would have been different today.  The battle ahead of us is a long drawn one. We don’t know how long it will take to get back our rights.  The people of J&K will continue with their tenacious efforts for the restoration of their rights. People are ready to fight a long battle, peaceful battle for their future. It is Dr. Farooq Abdullah, who took it upon himself to forge unity for the restoration of our rights and has a greater role to play in it on account of being a senior most politician of J&K.”

On the occasion senior PDP leader and former MLC Saif Ud Din Bhat joined the party. He was accompanied by scores of his associates and followers. The party vice president accorded a warm welcome to him and hoped that his joining the party fold will help the efforts of Dr. Farooq Abdullah in his struggle for the restoration of rights of people of JK.

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