Pattan Girl, Sumaiya Rashid Pens Down Debut Memoir

Pattan Girl, Sumaiya Rashid Pens Down Debut Memoir

Mohammad Yaseen Malik

Pattan : A 20 year old young burgeoning writer, Sumaiya Rashid from Pattan has penned down her first poetic memoir “Aspects Of Life”.

Sumaiya Rashid is pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Science at Government Degree College Pattan. She belongs to an eminent family in Nillah Pattan of Baramulla district.

In a Candid Talk with the correspondent Sumaiya said that writing a memoir and really putting oneself out there for the world to read is a challenging task. The book is divided into little snippets, and scenes of childhood.

“This was a great way to do it, as I’m sure no one can remember everything that happened in their past, nor exactly the time-frame or chronological order. This also eliminated a lot of unnecessary fluff,” she told Kashmir Despatch.

Sumaiya said that it is a collection of poetry, and is staged in sections beginning with how confusing life is.

“The main section of the book is questioning my reasons for being and belonging, and it ends with looking outside the family for guidance and making important decisions,” she adds.

The book “Aspects of Life” is an interesting account of a young girl seeking answers, the book conveys how utterly chaotic and confusing her childhood was.

It traces down the author’s confusion when she was exposed to the superstitious beliefs of her mother; various questions she would want to find an answer to.

Raised in a strict household, and having no one to turn to, the author often imagined the worst.

The author is very forthcoming with her experiences, no-holds-barred, as the saying goes. Some of what she went through is an interesting stuff to read, a somewhat sad childhood.

Talking about family’s support Sumaiya says, “Alhamdulillah I got support from everyone in the family, everyone encouraged me throughout life, I want to give happiness to other people.”

She further added that, ” If you want to do anything in your life don’t think what others say, do what you want to be, and don’t reply back by your words,rather by your actions.”

Putting a message to everyone, Sumaiya said that you won’t get everything you seek but if you work you surely will accomplish your dream.

Her book is available on different platforms including, ‘Flipkart’ and ‘Amazon’.

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