Prevailing Uncertainty: In tough times, Kashmiri visitors’ big hope for Shikara owners

Prevailing Uncertainty: In tough times, Kashmiri visitors’ big hope for Shikara owners

Something is better than nothing, say Shikara owners

Srinagar 16 Sep : Local Shikara owners on Sunday said that the prevailing uncertainty which seems to be getting prolonged each passing day, has badly hit their livelihood and now most of them have pinned hopes on local visitors who of late are visiting the Lake for evening boat rides in the famous Dal Lake, Srinagar.

Normal life continued to remain disrupted in Kashmir valley on the 43rd consecutive day with all the shops, commercial establishments, fuel stations remained closed and the public transport off the roads in Srinagar. As most of the locals of the valley nowadays engages in various activities like fishing, playing games, and some prefers to visit the Dal Lake for the Shikara ride to keep their boredom at bay, giving some sigh of relief to the beleaguered Shikara owners of the valley.

Muhammad Amin Dangola, a Shikara owner told that present seasons is one of the worst business season as the prevailing uncertainty seems no end and have damaged him economically. “Now our survival completely depend on the local visitors of the region. Of late, local families come along with kids for evening rids at the lack to de-stress themselves.”

Muhammad Amin said that it’s really hard to survive on the hopes of restoration of normalcy as the present situation is unexpected and the future is completely dark if the prevailing uncertainty does not come to an end.

Muhammad Amin further said,” I also own a houseboat which is vacant since August 5 and now this Shikara is the only source of income for me and my family.”

Another Shikara owner Bilal Ahmad Dagga told,”I notice an increase in the local visitors of the valley from the last few days and now I am expecting some good business from them because something is always better than nothing.” He said that the local visitors of the valley can be the way to ease out the sufferings that they have faced in the aftermath of the abrogation of Article 370.

Bilal further told,” Due to the financial crisis we cannot afford to lose any opportunity which can provide us some income at this crucial time even when the state administration is not helping us out.” (KNO)

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