Proclamation to PM, JK LG Director CBI, ACB & CIC

Proclamation to PM, JK LG Director CBI, ACB & CIC


On behalf of Social and RTI Activists fallowing Announcement is submitted to Honorable Prime Minister, Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Director CBI (Central Bureau of investigation)& Director ACB(Anti Corruption Bureau) for implementation of RTI Act 2005 in Jammu and Kashmir, in word and sprit.

Due to executive lethargy and political interference the aims and objectives of the RTI Act and RTI Activists are facing regular assault by government officers /contractors and others under the patronage of PIOs.

The information seekers are subjected to tremendous criminal intimidation its pertinent to bring in to your kind notice that several RTI Activists have lost their life  for seeking information under RTI Act, RTI activists  works under direct threats of  corrupt officers and Bureaucrats ,hence proper implementation of  RTI Act 2005 and protection of RTI Activists has become prime concern, it is in furtherance to make transparency a norm for democratic governance of the nation along with fallowing facts and demands are for your kind attention

1. Proactive disclosure of information shall be in consonance with the section 4(1) of the RTI Act, maximum corrupt officers on chairs, looting public money with high speed.

2. Name and address of the 1st appellate authority shall be made mandatory for all the PIOs/ to mention in supplied information 

3 Intensive training of RTI need to dispensed to all the PIOs sensitize them regarding sprite and purpose of RTI Act.

4.  All the outset certified copies of information must be supplied to the applicants 

5. Information seekers particulars should not be disclosed by PIOs and other staff  

6.  Heavy penalty imposed upon PIOs in case of delay and incomplete information 

7. Penalty imposed upon such PIOs by the state information commission must be recovered immediately and backlog of the penalty imposed shall be recovered without any delay

8. Appropriate compensation need to provide RTI Activists 

9. 1st appellate authority shall be made responsible and shall also be brought under domain of penalty clause of RTI Act 

10. Appropriate shall be taken to display the about authorities working under RTI Act in each and every office of the state and central government 

11. Protection should be provided to RTI Activists especially in Kashmir region

12. 50% reservation should be for Social & RTI Activists in selection of information commission and for social Audit of government departments, were millions of public money goes waist and misused 

13. Chapter of RTI Act should be included in syllabus of class 8th, 9th, 10th 11th and 12th standard students 

14. RTI Day should be celebrated across the country by government departments 

15. RTI Activists should be involved in governmental audits to make sure of transparency and accountability of public money. 

16. All MLAs and MPs should update websites to show utilization and location of   constituency development fund and income expenditures details. 

17. Session 4 of the Jammu and Kashmir RTI Act should be implementing immediate to all departments of state and central government 

18. Kindly make every disbursing officer assets online  Do you know sir, most of your departments fail to control over corruption which are Created for controlling the corruption and disbursing huge salaries and other government facilities, here are some of my personal experiences what government deceit done with me as RTI Activist once we submitted RTI application to the government department they(Government officers) feel like frustration and starts to humiliate the RTI activists and creating Bad image of RTI Activists to hide their scandals and frauds.

People of country have given a huge mandate to you for implementation of  zero tolerance in corruption and bringing back black money which is in abroad but more money  than abroad is being taken Fraudulently and by corruption in my state of Jammu and Kashmir , were poor becomes poorest and rich is becoming richest.

This needs your urgent attention so that kashmiries will not suffer in this regards and corrupt officers get punished under the law of the land.  

Accountability and transparency in government departments are completely missing in Jammu and Kashmir, who so ever try to raise voice against corruption is becomes soft target by government departments to shut his /her mouth forcefully.

While issues like curtailing price rise and bolstering economy would be a priority, corruption it would be interesting to see his strategy on transparency, meaning the implementation of RTI Act, but RTI is being butchered at the doorstep of Information Commissions and other officers of the country especially in Kashmir I have filed a RTI application to get information on the details of works in Power Development Department (PDD) Baramulla and Public Works Department PWD Baramulla and Block Development Officers of the Baramulla district for getting information regarding works done by above cited departments but instead of replay, response came by departmental goons and bullys for Propagated and Provocation to information seeker, which is a serious and immediate concern When the fact of the fact is that there is the general apathy in implementing the RTI Act in Jammu and Kashmir.

RTI activist are sure that RTI Act not implemented in true spirit. We hope your kind self will increase transparency in Central and state governments. We will find that increased transparency will allow thousands of vigilant citizens to curb arbitrariness and corruption.

I am hopeful that he will take the Government towards complete digital working without paper files which would facilitate transparency, adherence to Section 4 and improve efficiency in working. Let us hope the you will take serious action to above cited Realties  to opens RTI and PG (Public Grievance) up properly, for real citizen governance.

Please find the below mentioned survey ,we think corruption is the part of government and government is the part of corruption  Jammu & Kashmir most corrupt in North India; who is the most corrupt in J&K?J&K features in the 5 most corrupt states of the country.

A survey by the Centre for Media Studies shows that J&K is the 5th most corrupt state of India and the most corrupt in North India. Since J&K is corrupt, one is bound to wonder as to who exactly contributes to this achievement. As an answer to this, the State Vigilance Commission, SVC, has issued a list of the 10 most corrupt departments of the State Government.

According to a news report by the Daily Excelsior, here is the list

1. Public Works/ Engineering

2. Rural Development Department

3. Revenue Department


5. Social Welfare Department

6. Health and Medical Education Department

7. Power Development Department

8. Forest Department

9. Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution Department

10. Education Department.

The criteria for determining these champions was the number of complaints received against the said departments over the last four years.

Here are some brief notorious traits of these departments which have resulted in their being featured in the listPublic Works/ Engineering Departments: Withdrawal of payments against non executed/ nonexistent works Execution of works without inviting tenders Use of substandard materialRural Development Department: Withdrawal of payments against non executed/ nonexistent works Allotment of work on fake job cards Allotment of work to ineligible persons Misappropriating financial assistance under IAY scheme
Revenue Department: Fraudulent mutations in violation of prescribed norms Tampering of revenue records in exchange of monetary benefits Demanding bribe for issuance of revenue extracts Facilitating illegal sale of State, forest and community landsPMGSY: Grabbing money in the name of development  Making poor quality roads  Making corruption with contractors Social Welfare Department: Misappropriation of funds meant for down trodden sections of the society Illegal engagement of Anganwari workers and helpers Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution Department Misappropriation of ration Pilferage of ration and kerosene oil Black marketing Healthh and Medical Education Department Corruption in purchase of medicines and equipment for hospitals Diverting patients from Government hospitals to private establishments Doing private practice during office hours Power Development Department Grant of illegal power connections Conniving theft of electricity Inaction against illegal consumers Procurement of supplies on exorbitant ratesForest Department Illegal felling of green trees by timber smugglers Encroachment over forest land in connivance with the field officers Undervaluation of forest produces School Education Department Appointment of ReTs in violation of norms Misappropriation of funds drawn on account of Mid Day Meals Scheme Procurement of sub-standard food for Mid Day Meals Misappropriation of funds under SSA schemeThese are not only scandals and frauds in Kashmir, the corruption is in every single office, in Kashmir I am the witness of my district baramulla whenever we submitted an RTI To Roads and Building Department, or Block Development Officer what the officials did they stop the payments to contractors and provoking contractors that this person did RTI thats why we stopped your payment, then and only contractors start to harass the RTI Activists, those officers misusing there power,I hope your kind self will take immediate action and consider above cited points for the betterment of nation and I expect that social audit committees will be framed in every district to make sure of accountability and transparency of public money.Sir my life is not safe as an RTI activist as government goons can do anything with me to hide their scandals, hoping for your immediate action.

Thanking you 

Siraj Ud Din SalamHouse No SC 27-G Shalimar Colony Kanispora-193103 Baramulla Kashmir7006880334

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