Road Construction at Kandi to Tangwari & Jada in abeyance for four years

<em>Road Construction at Kandi to Tangwari & Jada in abeyance for four years</em>

Locals decry over the negligence of R&B; Urge Admin to start the proposed construction work promptly

Azhar Hussain

Karnah, Feb 02: The locals of Kandi, Tangwari and Mohalla Jada of Tehsil Karna on Thursday expressed their anguish over the negligence of concerned R&B department which has already tendered the construction of a road under PMGYS.

Speaking exclusively to Kashmir Despatch one of the locals said the road continues to remain in shambles for which the government had already alloted Rs 11 crore approximately.

“The road was supposed to connect Kandi to Tangwari to Mohalla Jada but until now, even after four years of the allotment, there is no visible development on ground zero while locals continue to face harsh conditions,” a local said.

The local inhabitants also informed that requisite compensation for the acquisition of land and cutting of walnut trees that posed hindrance in connecting the roadways has not been delivered to the beneficiaries.

They accused that R&B is acting impervious towards their genuine demand and has left people to suffer relentlessly.

“Our request is to the concerned administration to adress our woes as four long years have passed but neither the construction work has started nor pending bills of the natives who gave up their land and tress for road development has been cleared. The government must act rigorously for the resolution of our grievances,” the locals demanded unanimously.

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