Seeking security cover for someone doesn’t mean we want him to be a Mayor: BJP

Seeking security cover for someone doesn’t mean we want him to be a Mayor: BJP

‘We don’t have any role in no-confidence motion against incumbent Mayor, our party has only 4 Corporators, what can they do’: Ashok Koul

Ishtiyaq Ahmad

Srinagar, June 13 : At a time when there is an active “no-confidence motion” against the incumbent Mayor of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) Junaid Azim Mattu, the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) General Secretary Ashok Koul Saturday said seeking security for some person doesn’t mean party wants him to be a Mayor.

He was quick to add that BJP has only three to four corporators and the party is not backing any “behind the curtains” move to dislodge the present mayor.

“I have recommended that the security cover be provided to former deputy mayor Sheikh Imran. Does that mean I or my party wants him to be Mayor of SMC, not at all,” Koul told news agency (KINS).

“Some people are out to defame the BJP in one or the other way by linking the independent corporator’s no-confidence motion against Mattu with the BJP.”

He said that BJP has supported the demand for a security cover for the former deputy mayor of SMC which doesn’t mean that party is playing some game or supporting somebody to be the next mayor.

“What can our three or four corporators do?  To dislodge the present mayor, there has to be a good number of corporators. We have four rather only three, what can they do,” Koul said.

Interestingly, a letter signed by Koul advocating security cover for former deputy mayor Sheikh Imran, triggered fresh rumours across Srinagar that BJP was backing Imran to get the Mayor’s seat.

The incumbent Mayor Junaid has already stated that he will fight the battle legally and democratically.

In a series of tweets, Mattu wrote: “Been informed that BJP has sought a ‘Vote of No Confidence’ in the SMC against me. Those who have submitted the motion are either elected members/office bearers of BJP or unambiguously associated with BJP. This is the second such motion by BJP against me within 6 months.”

In another tweet he wrote: “That this is being done in the MIDST of an unprecedented pandemic is another travesty. That it is being claimed and alleged that INC and BJP are on the same page is bizarre beyond comprehension and hints at some clear illegality and foul play.”

Mattu also tweeted: “We will fight this democratically and legally as this is yet another litmus test for the mainstream. This is the second such attempt in 6 months and we are certain of proving our majority and defeating this blatantly illegal, undemocratic maneuvering.”(KINS)

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