Sopore’s mini secretariat, a muddled dream 

Sopore’s mini secretariat, a muddled dream 
Peerzada Waseem
Sopore : Years have passed, Sopore’s plea for a mini secretariat is unheard, government is giving a step motherly treatment to Sopore.
Residents of Sopore find it difficult to travel door to door for a single piece of work, and accuses the volatile nature of Sopore.
Shafi Lara a Local resident told that “The town has always been a hub of pro-freedom parties right from Jamat-i-Islamia to Tehreek-i-Hurriyat.Sopore boycotted elections, followed strike calls and have always protested against human rights violations, that’s why Sopore is been left without many facilities and Mini secretariat is one of them”. He said
People from Sopore and adjacent areas are suffering for their basic needs. They are travelling for hours for a single signature. Mini secretariat could be the easiest solution for the issue , but government is showing compete negligence towards it. Sopore has the highest population and economic level, still this kind of negligence raise many questions at administration.
On a talk with news reporter, he accused the Deputy commissioner  for the delay of  the mini secretariat . ” I wrote an reminder letter to the Deputy commissioner reminding him of the mini secretariat, but no further orders have been given to us” – Additional Deputy commissioner told.
After this he cut the call showing an arrogant face towards our correspondent.
Officers sitting in big offices, with bigger arrogance, who call themselves the “servants of commoners” finds it difficult to pick up calls for serving  basic right of information.
On the other side Deputy comissioner Naasir is narrating a complete different story. He is unaware of the whole scenario “I did not receive any application . Still I will check, if there is any.”Deputy commissioner told.
This reporter contacted governor advisor B.B, Vyas he also has no idea about the issue.
He said “I am unaware of this project. I will first confirm it from authorities and will take it to the governor”B.B Vyas told.
Trade federation Sopore  Hashimtullah told news agency that established recently a tragers body is unaware about it .  He said i got it  to know about the issue from the media only.
“I actually have no idea,i got to know about this from you but I assure u that I will sit and talk to the ADC and DC. And will further take it to the governor.”trade federation. He said
The previous Additional Deputy commisione Sopore Khurshaid Shah has identified the land in cooperative garden Sopore for the mini secretariat , with 52 canals and 11 marls. He prepared a DPR report with a budget of 48 crores, buy it was declined by DC and was sent back for further changes. ADC cut the cost of mini secretariat to 22 crores and it was agreed by the DC. But time changed, and posts changed , governor took the state in his hand and the dream remained the dream.
Authorities are accusing each other for the delay of mini secretariat. People are suffering and officers are mocking of the situation by showing such a cold gesture toward the issue.
This story has been first published on INS

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